Can a semi-trailer be 13.75m long? Can you go through the formalities for this model?

​The Semi-trailer is one of the most widely used transportation models in China, among which the three-axle semi-trailer is the most common. According to GB 1589-2016 "Limits of Size, Axle Load and Mass of Automobile, Trailer and Automobile Train", the longest three-axle semi-trailer (grille type, panel type, plate type and dump type) can be 13m. In general, the higher the number of semitrailer axles, the greater the length limit.

But recently some owners found that a shaft of a high fence car can also be made with a very tall, tall semi trailer. Only one axle, this wheelbase is not usually lengthy. As we all understand, the wheelbase of the trailer has a certain relationship with the bearing capacity, and this car only has one rear axle. How many goods can it load?

In fact, this kind of one-axle semi-trailer is not a current model, there have been before, called single-axle semi-trailer, nicknamed "light king". As the name suggests, this model is mainly used to transport light cargo.

So what is light cargo? In fact, light goods are extremely common, such as straw, shavings, slag, plastic, foam and these materials processed to obtain feed, fuel, decorative board, roof board, inside and outside wall board, insulation board, insulation pipe, quick food boxes, packaging boxes, bags and so on.

43c2cf552ea90db6f476cfc356e70c74According to relevant investigation, carrying the light goods vehicles accounted for about 20% of the total logistics vehicles, especially with the continuous development of science and technology, and economical society, sustainable development policies introduced gradually, the deep processing, energy saving, environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of modern products and modern materials has been widely applied, the types of light goods more widely.

The biggest characteristic of such goods is light weight or large volume light weight. With the general model of transportation, there will be a large power, tiny tonnage problem, the owner of the goods overly large volume, limited income, the owner is indifferent to the elevated freight, not economic, at this time with "light king" transport is more appropriate.

On the one hand, the purchase cost of a single-axle semi-trailer is considerably reduced. Compared with the traditional three-axle semi-trailer, especially the three-axle semi-trailer which is mandatory to be equipped with disc brake and empty suspension, the single-axle semi-trailer directly reduces two axles, and the price can save at least 50,000-70,000 yuan or more.

In addition, with two less axles, the weight of the body is also reduced, which can save additional fuel during operation. In addition, tolls on highways can be reduced significantly under the current toll-by-axis policy. Car costs go down, the same freight, owners earn extra profit.

In addition to the "light King" of single-axle height column, some Semi Trailer Manufacturers also launched a van single-axle semi-trailer specially designed to cope with the characteristics of "light" and "space occupancy" of express delivery and lightly thrown goods. Its length reached 13.75m, and its main selling points were light weight, energy saving and large cargo compartment space. In order to expand the cargo compartment space, this model also lowers the height of the chassis, which can also improve transportation smoothness.

As can be seen from the figure, the cargo compartment space of this model is certainly large enough, but the chassis is also very low. The possibility of vehicles on complex sections may be affected to a certain extent, and it is more suitable for owners with relatively excellent road conditions.

According to GB 1589-2016 "Limits of Dimensions, Axle Load and Mass of Automobile, Trailer and Automobile Train", the length limit of grid-type, rail-type, flat-type and dump type one-axle semi-trailers is 8.6m, and the length limit of other semi-trailers is 13.75m. From this point of view, the single-axle semi truck is truly as the manufacturer advertised as "in line with the announcement, legal compliance". As for the Gaolanggai single-axle semi-trailer, the length is not further than 8.6m can be registered.

Although the single-axle semi-trailer has the advantages of light weight and low vehicle cost, the corresponding loading capacity is afraid to be worse, and the types of goods transported are relatively limited.

From an objective point of view, special cars will also become a development trend of the freight industry. If the owner is well-off, it is better to buy a compliant three-axle semi-trailer, long-term income may be higher.

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