2 thoughts on “What are the top ten rankings for leadership gifts?”

  1. 1. Craftsmanship
    has many types of furnishings. Generally, it is divided into two categories: one is practical furnishings. Such arts and crafts have both use value and ornamental value. Of course for the leader is the processing of the process. However, it is best to investigate before, so as to avoid the final process of the processing of the processing and the decoration style of the leader's home. In the end, the high cabinet can only be bundled.
    2, famous tea
    tea products, that is, twenty -four tea, tea ceremony. You can also choose the right tea product according to the personal personality of the leader, and only send tea or tea sets, which not only can express his respect and gratitude to the leader, but also helps to close the friendship between friends.
    3, food specialty
    is definitely a good choice to give leaders with gifts for gifts. It can also promote hometown culture while expressing their minds. And although it is a gift for the leader, there are a lot of attention. It should not be too expensive or too cheap.
    4. Quality pen
    The leadership as the middle and upper class of society, the views of most things are more particular about the views of many things. During the Chinese New Year, gifts to the leaders can be considered around "taste". Then sending some practical and simple gifts is elected. It is recommended to send a exquisite pen as a gift. For business people, a good pen is necessary.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. High -end signature pen gift box 2. Rochest mountain running wealth decoration 3. High -end tie gift box 4. Men's mechanical watch 5, imported wine 6, business briefcase 7, Baijia surname lighter 8, live soft ceramic doll 9, purple sand tea set, purple sand tea set, purple sand tea set, purple sand tea set Set 10, creative crystal car model

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