You can also use the induction cooker to eat hot pot while camping outside

In recent years, outdoor sports have become a trend, and camping has also become a new hobby for young people. However, in 2022, when "the machine never leaves the body", how to solve the power supply demand during camping has become the first problem faced by many newcomers to camping. Although it is said that a large-capacity power bank can solve the urgent need for mobile phones and tablet computers to run out of power, in front of high-power electrical appliances, even a 20,000mAh power bank can only sigh.

So when I participated in a friend's "camping bureau" some time ago, I specially brought the River 600 series power bank from Zhenghao, and wanted to try out what kind of new experience this "large battery" can bring to outdoor camping.

This time I got the "big cup" River Pro outdoor mobile battery from the River 600 series and a matching external battery pack. Among them, the battery capacity of the River Pro body is 720Wh (about 200000mAh), and the weight is about 7.2kg. It is difficult to carry it, but it does not matter if it is placed in a small camping trailer.

The River Pro also has a variety of power supply methods: the three USB-A ports on the front can charge multiple mobile phones or Bluetooth speakers at one time, and you don’t need to “snatch the socket” when traveling with friends. Among them, the blue USB-A interface supports 28W public standard fast charging, and devices with high power consumption can also be easily driven. The USB-C port on the left supports up to 100W PD output, and the iPad Pro and even the 16-inch MacBook Pro can also be quickly charged, which can solve the urgent need for people who have mobile office needs such as outdoor photographers.

X-Boost allows me to boil water outdoors, but this is not the full strength of the River Pro. There are two national standard 5-hole sockets on the right side of the River Pro. With the exclusive X-boost intelligent inverter technology, the River Pro can use The 220V sinusoidal output has stable AC, and it is easy to handle common electrical appliances within 600W. Even traditional "high-power appliances" such as rice cookers, kettles, and hair dryers can operate at non-full-load power when connected to the River Pro.Also read:battery operated heater for camping

But if you really need to use it outdoors for a long time, the River Pro has also prepared a special battery solution for you: in addition to the River Pro that can be used alone, Zhenghao also launched a special "expansion" battery. This dedicated external battery pack uses the same design language as the River Pro body. Because the battery pack cannot be used independently, the battery pack with the “cut off” interface is slightly shorter than the River Pro. The battery pack uses the same 740Wh large-capacity battery as the River Pro. As long as the two are connected together with a dedicated power cord, a total of 1440Wh (1.4 degrees) of power can be obtained, even for TV and PS5 power. .

It only takes one hour to charge. One of the settings I like very much about the River Pro is that it supports "fast charging". The fast charge here obviously does not refer to the fast charge of the mobile phone brand, but the 740Wh large outdoor battery of the River Pro, which can be charged from 0% to 80% in just 1 hour. It should be known that most outdoor batteries need to be connected to a dedicated charger when charging, and the charging time is generally about 6-8 hours. But the River Pro is different. As long as you connect the River Pro to an ordinary socket (220V, 10A type) with the national standard "pin" power cord, you can use a high power of 600W to supplement the energy for the River Pro. The next day You don't have to worry about forgetting to charge the battery at night when you want to go out.

As for the external battery just mentioned, it can also be connected to the River Pro body for charging. At this time, the overall charging and discharging status of the River Pro can be seen in the App. It can be fully charged, and it is not a problem to use it as an emergency power source.Read more:Best Cordless Battery-Powered Heaters

Speaking of emergency power, because the River Pro can be charged and discharged at the same time, the River Pro can also be used as a normal UPS power supply. If the external power supply (mains) is unexpectedly interrupted, the River Pro can switch to the internal battery power supply within 30ms, avoiding physical damage to the appliance and providing time to save data. If you are worried that the long-term charging and discharging of the River Pro will damage the battery, you can also set the maximum charging capacity of the River Pro in the App to avoid battery damage.

Solar power is the real environmental protection. Seeing this, some people may say, "Isn't this a large power bank?" But from the experience point of view, bringing a River Pro when going out for camping can indeed bring the experience of a far larger capacity power bank.

For example, unlike indoors, outdoor cooking or night lighting are inseparable from "energy", and in most cases, this "energy" is still a one-time gas tank. Although most of the gas pipes use non-polluting butane, from the perspective of carbon cycle and thermal energy utilization, lighting with precious gas fuel is not the most environmentally friendly choice. Moreover, open flame fuels are often restricted when used outdoors, and are also prone to wildfire hazards.

However, if the River Pro is used as the energy supply for camping, and electricity is used for cooking and lighting, it is not only more versatile, but also improves the efficiency of energy utilization, and from the perspective of carbon cycle, the River Pro is also a more environmentally friendly choice - except Traditional mains charging, the River Pro also supports a variety of more environmentally friendly charging methods, such as solar charging.

Zhenghao has prepared three different types of solar charging panels from 60W to 160W for the River series, and multiple solar panels can also be used in combination depending on the actual situation. When the weather is right, only two 110W solar panels can fill the 740Wh River Pro in 4.5 hours, not only achieving true zero emissions, but also enjoying the convenience of home outdoors. From this perspective, outdoor batteries like the River Pro are still very valuable.

But environmental protection naturally also has environmental protection costs. The price of the River Pro plus a set of external batteries is as high as 5,999 yuan, and the price of a 160W solar panel is 2,399 yuan. If this budget is used to buy butane gas tanks, it can be burned for more than a year. In addition, RiverPro only provides two national standard 5-hole sockets, which is slightly inconvenient to use. Considering the actual size and weight, a large-capacity power bank is likely to be more practical than the River Pro in the case of a single-day camp.

So to sum up, if you are just a novice trying outdoor activities for the first time, and there are not many scenarios that need to consume electricity, an ordinary cassette gas stove plus a 10,000 mAh power bank is enough to support you "not overnight". Outdoor needs. But if you have experience in outdoor activities, or want to find a truly green and environmentally friendly outdoor camping solution, then the River 600 series power bank from Zhenghao, I think it will be very suitable for you.

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