5 thoughts on “Will the diamond time be worn for a long time?”

  1. Although the diamond hardness is high, if you often bump, it will still be a bit flowing. If you wear it well, it will not spend it.
    . After wearing it for a long time, the reason for seeing that there will be flowers on the surface and not bumping. It is stained with dust and other things. In fact, as long as it is cleaned in time, it can be cleaned up. Essence
    It if you want to keep the diamonds long, you should keep maintenance in time.
    Daily precautions are:
    Is when doing housework, it is recommended to remove the jewelry, oil pollution, bleaching powder, and various clean chemicals that will affect the luster of the diamond.
    The daily placement, other accessories are placed separately, because there are hard things in other accessories to scratch the stone, especially separate from the gold jewelry. rn女生喜欢涂很多护手霜什么的,涂这些东西的时候要现将钻石饰品摘下,否则饰品上会长期积累护手霜这类润滑的东西,而使石头掉落,会让The interior is covered with dirt.

    This regularly send it to the jewelry store for maintenance to check whether the diamond is loose and worn to prevent the diamond from falling.
    regular cleaning.

  2. Hello, this situation will not appear.
    Mo's Mo's India is 10, which is the hardest item. There is basically nothing in daily life that will cause damage to the surface of the diamond.
    The characteristics of diamonds are hydrophobic, that is, if the water gets the diamond, it will not stay on it, but the oils are easy to stick to the surface of the diamond. When we wear daily wearing, hand sweat, the fat secreted on our hands, wash dishes, and so on are easy to make the surface of the diamond cover the oil and make the diamond lose their luster. Therefore, the diamond ring is recommended to go to the jewelry shop for ultrasonic cleaning (free) on a regular basis, which can remove the fat on the surface of the diamond surface, and some dirt on the ring can also be removed, so that the diamond will shine.

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