What gifts should I buy for girls to go to Korea?

Go to South Korea next month and want to buy some gifts to girl friends, but I don't know what to buy. What are the distinctive things in South Korea? In addition to eating, do not tell me about Sicin Ramen.

5 thoughts on “What gifts should I buy for girls to go to Korea?”

  1. South Korea is a very fashionable and popular country to send some Korean dramas in Korean dramas. The headdress often worn by the heroine and some small shirts are very good. There are some original Korean CD posters. The photos of their favorite stars are very good ( *^__^*) ...

  2. The cosmetics BB cream is good

    It also buy special orange chocolate on Jeju Island

    What the best poems do they want

    It is not ugly when packed OST and CLUE's one or two hundred

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