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  1. It is very likely that the purity of gold is not enough, or it may be that during processing, there are processes such as light pressure, which causes the surface of the gold to harden the surface

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the gold bracelet is hard yellow, so it will not be false. Gold is divided into pure gold, thousands of gold, thousands of gold. Hard gold refers to real gold, but it is "hard" gold made by new methods. Its texture is harder than ordinary gold. Also known as "thousands of hard gold". 0.005%is added with special metals to increase the hardness, thereby achieving the corresponding hardness. Hard gold is a synthetic gold that is mixed with other metals. Thousands of gold and hard gold are cast from the golden power of 9999. The gold hardness is improved through special technologies, which solves the limitations of the design due to its soft characteristics, and significantly improves the delicate performance of the jewelry. Gold jewelry products can effectively reduce the amount of gold in gold under the premise of the same gold, volume and appearance. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high hardness and strong abrasion resistance. The authenticity of the gold: (1) Look at the color: the higher the purity of the gold jewelry, the deeper the color. If there is no gold medal, you can determine the general color according to the following color (based on green gold. The so-called green gold contains only silver ingredients in gold); dark red yellow color is more than 95 %, light red yellow 90-95 % The pale yellow is 80-85 %, the cyan is 65-70 %, and the white light is only 50--60 % white light. The slightly yellow and white are less than 50 %. Generally, Qiqing, Eight Huang, and Jiu Chi can be used as a reference. (2) Type weight: The proportion of gold is 19.32, which is more important than metal such as silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum. The volume of gold is more than 40 % heavier than the silver, 1.2 times heavier than copper, and 6.1 times heavier than aluminum. The gold jewelry should have a feeling of sinking in the hand, and the fake gold jewelry feels lightly. This method is not suitable for gold jewelry inlaid. (3) Look at the hardness: pure gold is soft and low. It can be used to draw light marks with nails. Teeth bite can leave dental marks. High -colored gold jewelry is low in color. It can also test hardness, pure gold is soft, easy to bend, the lower the purity, the less likely to bend. (4) Listening to the sound: Throwing the real gold with more than 99 % of the color will make a tap sound, there is no rhyme or elasticity. The fake or low golden sound is crispy but no dullness. Generally, the sound of "Dangdang" is emitted, and there are surplus sounds. (5) Burning with fire: The jewelry will be burned red (do not melt the jewelry) with the fire (do not melt the jewelry). After cooling, observe the color change. If the surface is still the original golden color is pure gold; It is not pure gold. Generally, the lower the color, the stronger the color, and the darkens are all, indicating that it is a fake gold jewelry. (6)看标记:国产黄金饰品都是按国际标准提纯配制成的,并打上戮记,如“24K”标明“足赤”或“足金”;18K金,标明“18K”字样,成色低Those who are in LOK can not play the K -printed number according to regulations. At present, illegal elements are commonly used in the society to make fake cards and imitation stamps, and use rare gold, Asian gold, and even brass to impersonate real gold.

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