What are the live broadcast platforms that can sell things?

Recently, I want to find a live broadcast platform to sell things. I think it will be popular. Ha ha. Is there a live broadcast platform suitable for selling cosmetics? Thank you for recommending me.

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  1. 1. Micro vision

    micro vision is a short video creation and sharing platform under Tencent. In April 2019, the new version of micro TV was launched, and new templates such as "creating business assistance" and "unlocking skills" were launched. Users can make interactive videos through rich templates of wechat and share them with friends through social platforms such as wechat and QQ; Friends can directly browse the interactive video on wechat and QQ and conduct interactive operations

    2. Tiktok

    Tiktok is a music creative short video social software that can shoot short videos. The software was launched in September 2016. It is a community platform focusing on young people's music short videos. Users can choose songs and shoot short music videos through this software to form their own works

    3. Taobao live broadcast

    Taobao live broadcast is a live broadcast platform launched by Alibaba. It is positioned as a "consumer live broadcast". Users can buy while watching. The coverage includes mother and baby, beauty, etc

    4. Xiaohongshu

    xiaohongshu is a lifestyle platform and consumption decision-making portal. In xiaohongshu community, users record the positive energy and beautiful life of young people in this era through the sharing of words, pictures and video notes. Xiaohongshu accurately and efficiently matches massive information and people through machine learning

    5. Kwai

    Kwai is a product of Kwai Technology Co., Ltd. In November 2012, Kwai transformed from a pure tool application to a short video community, which is a platform for users to record and share production and life. Later, with the popularity of smart phones and the decline of mobile traffic costs, Kwai ushered in the market after 2015

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  2. Taobao
    volcano video
    good-looking video
    headline video
    national video
    watermelon video
    the latest ones are xiaohongshu, pinduoduo and live selling. Friends who want to be Kwai live selling can learn from miracle media e-commerce group

  3. Taobao, jd.com, Tiktok, Kwai and xiaohongshu are all reliable live delivery platforms

    the transaction volume of the live broadcast room of the head anchor can even reach several billion in one night. For ordinary small and medium-sized platforms, the account splitting work behind the sales volume of several hundred million in a month is already quite complicated. Facing different businesses, brands and anchors, the huge number of transaction orders, and even requires a large financial cost to do the account splitting work

    the account distribution system helps the innovation of the live broadcast industry mainly in two aspects

    I. improve transaction management efficiency

    the account sharing system is actually an account management system, which can be easily accessed through the API interface to realize data interaction with the live broadcast platform. The live broadcast platform can realize automatic account sharing by configuring transaction information in the background of the system, including account sharing proportion, account sharing cycle, settlement method, etc. At the same time, the ledger system presents visual data reports to facilitate the reconciliation and account adjustment of financial personnel, effectively improving the transaction management efficiency and reducing the financial operation cost. And based on the real transaction data of the platform, it can help the live broadcast platform to obtain more financial services

    2. Help business compliance development

    many live broadcast platforms access the account sharing system because they can avoid the "two clearing" and make the platform business develop in compliance. Due to the requirements of regulatory policies, Internet platforms without payment licenses and payment qualifications are prohibited from carrying out online payment business and building electronic accounts with financial attributes in their own name. Otherwise, it is easy to involve illegal "second clearing". The huge capital pool formed by "second clearing" is not controlled by financial institutions, so there is a great risk. The platform may be approached by the regulatory authorities for rectification. Therefore, in order to completely avoid the "two clearing", many live broadcast platforms deposit funds in the central bank's supervision account through the account sharing system, so that the business can truly embark on the road of compliance development

    the Internet is always full of challenges and also contains infinite vitality. According to industry estimates, the market scale of live broadcasting with goods in the future will reach 100 billion. It is believed that more and more internet live broadcasting platforms will choose to innovate the live broadcasting industry with the help of mallbook ledger system

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