What is electricity and how is it produced

Electricity is produced in this way (using magnets and coils) Electricity used today can be roughly divided into electricity produced by generators and electricity converted from chemical energy (such as batteries). In addition, there are other ways to generate electricity, such as using sunlight, and other methods are being developed. The electricity used in the home, of course, is generated by a generator.

Now, let's discuss the principle of electricity generation! To generate electricity, you need magnets and coils that generate electricity. A magnet has a magnetic force that attracts iron and other metals. The range of this force is called a magnetic field 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược. Move the coil in this magnetic field, and the coil generates electricity. However, in a strong magnetic field, if you cannot move the coil (if you do not change the magnetic force), you cannot generate electricity. In other words, a change in the magnetic force causes the coil to produce electricity. This principle is called electromagnetic induction, and the current produced is called induced current.

209ab39c391218a6511c8f92969a71b3As the magnet approaches the coil, the current flows in the direction of the arrow. In contrast, if the magnet moves away from the coil, the current flows in the opposite direction of the arrow. Of course, if the magnet is not moved, the magnetic field will not change and no electricity will be generated. This electromagnetic induction can also be used in a bicycle's simple generator. If you attach a generator to the tires of a bicycle, the magnets in the generator will rotate by the rotation of the tires. At this time, the strength of the magnetic field near the coil changes, which can generate an induced current flow to the coil.

That's how electricity is generated, and that's how it lights up a bike. Closely related to power generation, is the power company's generator. Hydropower is the use of water to rotate a propeller mounted on a generator, instead of the rotation of bicycle tires, so that the magnet rotates and generates electricity. Thermal power, or nuclear power, first uses a boiler or atomic furnace to create a high temperature, and then uses the heat to evaporate water to produce steam. This steam is blasted at a turbine mounted on a generator, which spins the generator and produces electricity.

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