There are three magic stones in the world, one in England and one in Norway

Nature is full of infinite magic and miracles, but also full of mysterious colors everywhere, strange pine, strange rocks, sea of clouds, waterfalls each will be very shocking. Today Xiaobian will tell you that there are three magical stones in the world, to see which one you have been to.

Speaking of Norway, in addition to the song "Norwegian Forest" there is Norway's most famous tourist attraction - "Miracle Stone". The "miracle rock", measuring five cubic metres, was found wedged between the cliffs at the top of Serag Mountain, about 1,000 metres above the valley floor. The Wonder Stone is also known as the "Stone of the Brave".

Because it is sandwiched between two peaks, the need to stand up is very needed courage, but its bearing no problem at all. Even if it is an adult stand up can also be stable as Mount Tai, it depends on you having the courage to go up. In addition to the Wonder Rock 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược, Sherag Mountain is also a popular ski attraction, and if you are lucky enough to visit it, you can experience a fantastic ski trip.

On the Birmingham Moors in North Yorkshire, England, there are a number of oddly shaped balancing stones. These counterstones have been formed by erosion and weathering over thousands of years. One of the most prominent counterstones is called the "idol stone", because it weighs about 200 tons but is supported by a very small conical stone, which forms this incredible and wonderful landscape.

1829af177a949dd2076fd620210d690fIdol stone is about 4.5 meters high, it is not as people imagine the idol, and more is incredible. Many people cannot believe that such a weight of 200 tons of stone and the following contact area of the width of a palm, just like a cone straight standing, this station is thousands of years old. Photos of the stone have been circulating online for some time, with some questioning whether it was simply Photoshopped.

In fact, it is no wonder that netizens questioned, because it is hard to believe if you have not seen it with your own eyes, but the idol stone of Birmingham is really real, it is a work of art crafted by nature. Maybe he also has faith, because of the faith in, so he can stand.

Speaking of huangshan, would have to say that the piece of "flying stone", the west of the flat day Gang peaks, a rock stands on the rock platform. The stone is 12 meters high, if a floor by 3 meters to calculate, is the height of the fourth floor; ​strange shape, such a boulder was erected on a narrow flat rock, amazing! The contact between the two rocks is very small, the last stone seems to fly from the sky, so the name is "flying stone".

It is difficult to explain this strange phenomenon with common sense, so there is a legend that this flying stone was moved up by the iron Guai Li in the fairy story, because in the public's feelings, it does not seem to grow out of its own, unique. Nature is magical, its ghost valley magic can let people worship its "creation", the world is big, there is no wonder, every country has many belongs to its magical attractions.

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