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  1. Legendary yellow diamond
    the original stone of the 287.42 carat Tiffany diamond legendary yellow diamond is undoubtedly a miracle of nature. In 1878, the gemologist quince resolutely cut it to 128.54 carats, and finally presented a pillow shaped gemstone with 82 precise sections. It refracted light at any angle, so that this yellow diamond completely released her intense light like a flame. It perfectly conveys the principle that Tiffany has been adhering to - not for weight, but for brilliance
    in 2012, in order to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the brand's founding, Tiffany once again created a brand-new design - a diamond necklace that combines classical and modern. The pure and beautiful white diamonds set off the dazzling light of the legendary Zhenbao, showing unparalleled extraordinary beauty, and also symbolizing Tiffany's commitment to classic inheritance and future innovation
    Jean Schlumberger, the most famous jewelry designer in the 20th century, devoted himself to the inlay design of Tiffany diamond. This bird on a rock is the most wonderful design. Schlumberger takes the color meaning of Tiffany's yellow diamond - canary yellow, and puts a vivid Canary on a gem, which is vivid and beautiful
    "beautiful things are a thing of beauty is a joy forever." Audrey Hepburn once quoted Keats's poem and sincerely lamented the beauty of Tiffany diamond's legendary yellow diamond. She is one of the only two women who have ever worn this priceless treasure. At that time, it was inlaid on the ribbon necklace designed by the jewelry master Jean Schlumberger
    in 1886, Tiffany created the world-famous Tiffany setting
    this "diamond ring among diamond rings" is the most dazzling and beautiful. Its six claw platinum design holds the diamond high above the ring, setting off the diamond to the maximum extent and making its light refracted in all directions
    after the "six claw inlay method" was introduced, it immediately became the international standard for engagement diamond ring inlay
    that is, Tiffany harmony engagement diamond ring series sets exquisite hand cut round diamonds on the thin platinum rings gradually formed on both sides. The unique inlay design elegantly holds pure diamonds, which is flexible and light. Tiffany jewelry artisans also handcrafted the same wedding ring that follows the contour of the engagement diamond ring. Sparkling diamond rings and wedding rings perfectly illustrate the impeccable charming style. Among the most representative engagement diamond rings of Tiffany

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