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  1. There are three rings related to marriage, which are engaged diamond rings (also known as proposal diamond ring, generally diamond ring, which is used by the woman in the direction of the male person in the direction). )
    The purchase of wedding rings
    In addition to a diamond ring required for proposal, usually there will be a newcomer exchange ring at the wedding. Since it is an exchange ring, of course, two are required, men and women, men and women, men and women, men and women, men and women. One. Under the testimony of everyone, both men and women put on each other's rings for each other, and the two rings represent each other's sincerity and commitment.
    What rings to buy
    The style of wedding rings can be freely selected. It can be a pair of beends with the same or similar design, or a male and female ring with different styles. At present, the market is more popular in the market It is a free match for fashion men and women. As for the material, compared to the traditional gold ring, more young people choose platinum or 18K gold diamond ring.

  2. A diamond ring is required when engaging, which is given to the lady by men. The diamond ring is generally worn on the middle finger. It can also be presented when proposed. When you get married, you must prepare a pair of rings. When the two sides exchange the ring, you can use it to the ring on the ring finger and indicate that you are married.
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to serve you. First of all, whether you are married or your relatives and friends, you must congratulate younOn the way to marriage, both men and women will exchange rings. Because the ring is a ring, there are two rings. The precept symbolizes his married identity. And it is relatively simple to the ring style, but it is recommended here that the scene may be a bit confusing on the day of marriage. After the marriage is finished, we wear it again, so that the scene will be lost if the scene is chaotic on the wedding day, and the fake ring is not worth it. Even if you can't find it, you don't feel bad. Reasons for fake rings! I hope my answer will help you, I wish you a happy life

  4. "Let's break up, just like, nothing happened."
    "I'm sorry, I give you a promise that can't be fulfilled."
    "I think, we will eventually live a normal life, get married and have children , Cheng Huan's knees. People have nothing to go in the cage. "
    " I'm sorry. "
    When I sent me these words, I was in a hurry to catch up with the company's last bus. Feeling the vibration of the mobile phone, I thought it was the text message he sent me as usual, and turned on the phone, but he fell into these rows of breakup information without defense.
    S sudden stop, causing the latter's milk to scream: "What's the matter, step on my feet, look at the road, look at the road." I ignored her, consciously drifted to the street, and panting secretly. To be honest, I didn't have the heart and heartbroken, I thought I would cry in the sky, but in the end, it was only accepted by rogue.
    The wedding photography gallery behind you continues to play vulgar advertisements. The people on the street are crowded, such as the ovaries of the nest, sporadic and densely scattered in the field of vision. The car is horse, and the whistle is called Xuan, not merciless. The cold people, even the sun is cold. The whole city is like Mercedes -Benz on the cliff alone. You and I go to Huangquan. Don't break up on the street. The chasing drama performed every day, Xiao Suo's cold wind, and the sound of the sound of the sound of the sound of the scars engraved in the pupils. If the shadow follows the shape, as long as you open your eyes, you will be painful and can't escape.
    I trembled and replied to "I wish you happiness." These four words are short but extremely lethal, just like the silence after the Tarim River pierced the desert. Even if you are angry and endless, I will only use soft sand grains to wrap your strength and collect you. The front, silently swallowed you on a quiet night, never fight back.
    Actually, as early as a month ago, I felt today. H is a person who can't hide, and he rarely lie in front of me. Because of this, I would not care about the obstacles of my friend, and resolutely chose to be with him.
    During college, H's roommate opened a snack seller in the bedroom. He often helped his roommate to other bedrooms to deliver goods. The first time we met, he gave me instant noodles. That day was the last day of June. Although it was evening, there was still the sunlight in the air in the air. Due to the heat, a few drops of sweat hung under H's eyelids. I looked up and looked at the sentence, "Seeing myself from his crystal eyes, I know that I will be gone." Over time, we became familiar with it.
    This is a era without Xiaolan. We are also aware of the emotions between comrades. Everyone is really pure like a Wang Qingquan. A country allows homosexuals to marry and cloud. I just think I like to be with H. His high and kindness can always give me the urge to feel at ease and a little bit.
    After graduating from the senior year, I came to Sichuan to work with him. Beginning, shy in the pocket, and the long time relying on instant noodles for a living, but there was no regret and lament. I often have fun: "We are not an old husband and wife who is in trouble? You see how good I am to you, in order to follow you, I am willing to eat instant noodles." "That's really difficult for you, so I have to wait for me to have money Come and respect my old wife again. "Every conversation of our conversation is a little ambiguous, full of ridicule between lovers and the tacit understanding of both husband and wife. But none of us said the word "love", and no one like Korean dramas, picked a day of rain, and confess to each other in a humid environment. But we all identify each other as each other, and naive thought that this is the long time.
    One month ago, I found that H often secretly chatted with others with me. I didn't care at first, thinking that he should have his own private space. Later, after seeing H often dinner with a woman, he was doubtful and secretly knew his choice. I thought of a showdown with him, doing the last struggle, maybe he seized the opportunity and won him back. But in his heart, he still hopes that he can live a normal life. With his own child, a woman will make meals for him and wait for him to go home. It's okay to exit.
    two months after breaking up, Saturday, I suddenly received a call from H, saying that I wanted to invite me for dinner at noon. I was thinking about refusing euphemistically, but H suddenly said, "Why, is it so difficult to ask my wife to break up once?" No, who said that he was crying and shouted, I lived well. I am happy to go to the appointment, but just to be worthless.
    The restaurant where I arrived, where H has already waited. Today, he wore a straight suit, short hair, a little bit of fleshy at the ankle, and sexy without losing the size. A good marriage object. Just as I was immersed in his male color, H pulled me into the wedding ring shop next to the hotel. "I think you will definitely not come on the day of the wedding, but how can my major affairs have no participation of my wife? How about helping me choose a wedding ring?" "Who promised this request, who is cheap." "Okay, I still have a good vision of picking the ring."
    The decoration of this shop is very romantic. The arched flower door is placed at the door, full of flowers with white and pink flowers. The door was covered with a red carpet, and the sounds on both sides were checked in the wedding, and it was like the wedding scene.
    Actually, the person who really has a rings is the lady of H and counter. It's not that I get married, why should I be so enthusiastic? "How do you look at this? Use it on the day of the wedding." H pushed a golden round ring to me. The round ring is glittering under the light, which is very tempting. I imagine that people who wear it will definitely be intoxicated in a sweet dream, and I will be very happy. "Speak, what?"
    h interrupted my thoughts. The lady at the counter quickly added oil and vinegar: "This is the latest model, you can also engraved the name ...". "Everything is the latest." I talked silently in my heart. "Yes, you can buy it if you like it." I had no intention of fighting, I just wanted to get out early. "Trouble you in this style and give me a pair of men's rings." H said calmly to the Cabinet sister. WC is right, a pair of men? "Sir, I'm sorry, our wedding ring is a male ring, a female ring, the company does not allow it to sell alone. Besides, how do you buy a pair of men's rings? Want to use supporting facilities?" Cabinet sister A little embarrassing.
    "You didn't hear it wrong, please give me a pair of men's ring. If you don't really work, you can give me two pairs of supporting facilities." H insisted. The atmosphere was a bit embarrassing, and H and the cabinet were strenuous. "Well, people who are all about to get married, what are you joking?" I quickly unraveling for H, "Beauty, he was kidding! This person is going to get married recently, too happy, a little crazy." There is also something, this ring is very good to buy. Go first! "Fleeing, you should not go to the appointment, crazy.
    When I walked to the door, H caught up with me and walked forward with me carefully. He hummed in his mouth to cheer and looked down at me. Take my hand, spread it, and put the ring carefully.
    "I didn't want to take you up, forced marriage at home, and I was the only child, there was no way. Sorry." H seems to be talking to himself, and like telling me sincerity. "Huh! Crazy." I held the ring, both moved and helpless.
    This winds wet my eyes. In front of, the shadow projected by tall buildings in the sun is about to change from dark blue to yellow and white. Who will notice the sadness and hate of our two inconspicuous characters. Intersection
    In front, when H stepped over the haze, I would only sip with tears and smile to him with a smile: "Be happy."
    After authorization, reprinting is prohibited. Xiao Jiansen: Focus on the life of the gay, a heart -minded text every day, looking forward to paying attention.

  5. Some newcomers said that after getting married, from love to marriage all the way, don't talk about how much gifts, just buy diamond rings, and follow the process to come down, all of which are possibly of bankruptcy in minutes. Proposal diamond ring, engagement diamond ring, and wedding diamond ring are at least 5. You need to buy it in the future?
    Many people will confuse the proposal diamond ring, engagement ring and wedding ring, and believe that the proposal diamond ring and the engagement ring are the diamond rings worn when they get married in the future. Different, strictly speaking, you need to buy it, which requires 5. In fact, everyone only asked for a marriage diamond ring to buy. Whether it was engaged or married, the woman wearing the same diamond ring, just buy another male ring. Some are directly skipped the engagement link. Buy one proposal diamond ring. When you get married, buy a pair of wedding rings, a total of 3 rings. So, what is the difference between proposal diamond ring, engagement ring and wedding ring? Let's take a brief understanding.
    . How many rings are needed for proposal, engagement and marriage
    Mvementation of marriage marriage engagement, marriage? First of all, the new people must know that proposal is a way to respect the woman. The man soliciting the woman's opinion is also an important way for men to express love. Sending one person, romantic meaning, is used to propose a man to reflect the sincerity of the man, and is very popular with girls. Proposal, only one diamond ring, whoever proposes to who buy. Engagement is a form and local etiquette. The meaning of its existence is to publish the relationship between the two people in the premise of marriage and be recognized and supervised by the family of both parties. To put it simply, engagement is an agreement that cannot be legally recognized, but is subject to moral constraints. Marriage is the recognition of the relationship between the two husbands and wives, and has obtained legal protection. A pair of rings are needed during engagement, and a pair of rings are needed when they get married, that is, the significance of the two rings represents different meaning.
    . The purchase of proposal diamond ring, engagement ring and wedding ring
    Mele proposal diamond ring, engagement ring, and wedding ring are also different. different. Proposal diamond ring, generally chooses a more luxurious style, the price is relatively high, so that the woman should feel that you value her and reflect the greater sincerity of her proposal. The engagement ring is relatively short for new people, because it is often not long for marriage and engagement. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that newcomers choose a new style and diamonds do not need to be too large. This is simple and affordable to wear, and you can also tell everyone that you have been engaged. The purchase of wedding rings is more important because it needs to be worn for a long time. Generally speaking, most newcomers will choose a wedding ring customization mode. This is not only more unique, but also to choose a classic, fashionable and simple wedding diamond ring according to their preferences.

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