I bought a diamond ring in Zhengzhou and suddenly wanted to ask, how did the diamond birth?

What is a beautiful diamond? Who can explain?

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  1. Diamonds have always been a symbol of brilliant and eternal. However, after hundreds of millions of years of experience and deposition, from the heart to your palms, behind the brilliant diamonds, the long and complex process and the hard work of countless handicraft workers. In this year's F1 Monaco Station, a name called "Ponahalo" (African Turkish, which means exquisite) snatched all the limelights -in stunning gaze, five weighing 102 carats, 70 carats, 12 carats, 12 carats, respectively , 5 carats and 4 carat diamonds exudes dazzling light. And they actually came from the same diamond billet weighing 316 carats- "Ponahalo". For a while, the speed and passion of all F1 cars were sad in front of Ponahalo.

    The miracles kicking out

    . Even a small diamond, its design and carving must be long and complex steps, and a huge diamonds must be a huge diamond. There are many legendary colors. Speaking of Ponahalo, it has to return the time to one day in October 2005. That day, in the meticulous ore crushing area of ​​the Venetia diamond ore system in South Africa, a mining car driver in the Venetia diamond ore system in South Africa. Simon is annoyed. In the precision industries such as diamonds, each operation step must be accurate and rigorous. Simon walked into the operating area from the monitoring room angrily, and wanted to correct the driver to correct it. In the year, at that moment, Simon couldn't believe his eyes -the rare drill billets that should be hidden in the gray -black Jinbelie ore and weighing more than 300 carats were naked to his feet! In Simon's incredible exclamation, diamond experts identified the drill billet, and the appraisal showed that it was indeed a rare huge drill billet in the world, and it was also discovered by the DE Beers Dabels Group's Venetia mine in South Africa. The maximum drill.

    In 200 tons of sand, find 1 carat

    In 2006, Hollywood once launched a film "Blood Diamond" starring Leonardo, compact plot and compact plot and The hardships and tears of the diamond industry shocked many viewers. Indeed, each diamond condenses the hard work of countless people, and the excavation of diamonds may also be called one of the most huge projects in the world. Because the diamond "life" is in the deep ground, the excavated mine is deep. The well -known Kingsbely mine in South Africa has reached a kilometer. Essence Regardless of the traditional hand -made mining or high -tech machine mining, the process is complex and long, and the acquisition rate is like a sea fishing needle. Those outdoor mines formed by the mines containing diamonds after weathering through rivers and rainwater, and the later process of mining is even more difficult, because not only to remove the surface of the surface layer, but also carefully clean up the sand -containing sand layers and rock joints. Those who dream of diamonds searched in sand and gravel with a pair of hands. You know, 1 carat diamond can be selected for an average of 200 tons of sand!

    The cutting is an art

    After hard mining and multiple processing selection, the rough diamonds finally showed it 20 % can be used as jewelry purposes, and most of them can only be used in industrial uses such as cutting, grinding and polishing. Experienced diamond appraisers selected these 20 % diamonds from the rough diamonds, determining the future destiny of the diamond, and also determined their fate with you. The standard diamond petals are usually fifty -eight. The 58 petals determine whether the diamond can "do everything possible" emitting light. For the cutter, natural diamonds will have various shapes, and the octagonal body is the most popular shape, because it can usually be divided into two from the waist and a perfect circular cutting. How to reduce losses to minimum and get good utilization and value returns is the goal pursued by cutters. In addition to the octopus, other irregular shapes are often cut into emerald, heart -shaped, pear -shaped, etc., which can make these shapes of diamonds relatively high. When Ponahalu was still drilling, he appointed the crucial step of cutting to the world -renowned diamond Steinmetz. After accurate calculations, the drilling blank weighed 316 carats was transformed into 5 naked diamonds and was sent to London. The mark was only 1/20 micrometer, which was equivalent to the eternal mark of 1/500 of the hair.

    The traditional method cannot be replaced

    In order to maximize the beauty of diamonds, the diamond rough must also be processed. The most common method for processing diamonds is traditional rounds and polishing. Although some high -tech circle and polishing machines have appeared, and some are even automatic operation, the word "traditional" is very important in processing. After all, exquisite ones are superb. Handicraft skills and the feeling of diamonds are still unable to experience the machine. In many diamond processing plants, the traditional operation method is irreplaceable: the polishing division wraps the diamond on the axis of the rapid rotation, so that it will contact each diamond with another diamond — Or diamond powder for mechanical processing, — Some diamonds become diamond powder during processing. Diamond polishing diamonds is also determined by the physical characteristics of diamonds. Because the physical hardness of the diamond is located at the head of all material, the tools of the tools used by the masters are also made of diamonds. Only a good cutting process can successfully cut diamonds with diamonds. Go to the natural surface, and also grind the beauty of the body. The polishing process is still performed in accordance with the traditional method: the polishingists mix diamond powder with oil to keep the diamond surface moist, and then adhere them to a plate of cast iron for polishing. Following technology is also the traditional method that has the deepest impact on diamond clarity. It can remove obvious impurities and increase the value of diamonds.

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