5 thoughts on “What gifts are suitable for elderly patients to give?”

  1. As the saying goes, "people eat grain grains and have no disease." You are no exception, and the relatives and friends around you are no exception. When a person gets sick, both the body and the heart are very fragile. Although the physical disease can be controlled by the drug, the sadness of the heart is difficult to be soothing, which requires the concern of our friends. In fact, as patients, their biggest hope is to recover soon, hoping that when suffering from disease and pain, they can get comfort and add the power and courage to overcome the disease. Therefore, at this time, if we send gifts we care about, we will definitely leave a deep and beautiful impression on the other party, and deepen the feelings between each other. First, it is to give comfort. If you can take time to visit him in your busy schedule, it is the best gift to comfort him. Secondly, it is healthy supplements that can nourish your body, which can help his physical and mental health. First of all, talk about the gift we sent when we visit the average patient. 1. Flowers. When visiting the patient, you should bring gifts to health and encouragement. Flowers are one of the common visits gifts. Flowers will add color to the ward, which can encourage patients to fight stubbornly with the disease. The effect is self -evident. However, flowers cannot be delivered casually. It has a certain particular attention. The appropriate flowers are: warm carnations; green bamboo; elegant orchids; quiet daffodils; Milan in fragrant fragrance; musk lilies, Tang 菖 菖; horseshoe lotus; horseshoe lotus; , Wannian; the green pelvis -shaped water -shaped water raising rich bamboo ... The flowers that are not suitable for visiting patients are: Jasmine, because it is harmonious with "no benefit"; Fuso, because of the harmoniousness of "serving the funeral"; Harmony with "ending"; potted plants will remind people of long -term root causes; visit patients to avoid sending plum blossoms, because of the harmonious sound of "mold"; avoid giving tea and camellia fades, the entire flower head falls ... but it is worth noting that the flowers are worth paying attention to It is an absolutely banned gift for patients with respiratory diseases. 2. Nourishing products such as fruits, pastries and dairy products are also very suitable gifts. Send the elderly to send some nourishing medicines. Children who send colleagues and friends can send some foods such as candy and biscuits. Generally, do not give patients with "high -fat and high salt" gifts. 3. The audio -visual belt recorded by the office colleagues. Convey everyone's greetings and news. 4. Cartoon books, interesting newspapers, and latest magazines, patients usually pass the time to pass the time without anyone, and these books are undoubtedly the best. 5. Toy bears, poker and other patients can be used to drive away lonely toys. 6. massager. Choose a local massage device, such as cervical massage, waist massage pads, etc. This is the best gift to relax them. 7. Small oxygen bar. It can make the air in the ward fresh and bring a healthy atmosphere to the patient. 8. It is best to choose those with soft, beautiful, and pattern materials. Nanjing People's Square is a high -end business gift, conference gift gift customization agency, derived from Taiwan's brand. High design quality, strong appreciation, rich connotation. People's Square is the only Chinese family's surname culture as a selling point. It is characterized by developing traditional culture and expressive personality. Exquisite craftsmanship and strong cultural atmosphere blend into eternal classics. Life taste makes you full of glory! Nanjing People's Square can change text and logo at will. The products of Nanjing People's Square include red porcelain, yellow porcelain purple sand (tea sets, single cups, single pots); bone porcelain (tableware, cups, tea sets); Moutai Collection wine (strong fragrance, sauce flavor), red wine, etc. can be specially special Customized, especially suitable for important activities and premiums of advanced business activities.

  2. Visiting elders can send flowers, like sunflowers, carnations, lily.

    Then send milk, fruits, supplements, I wish the patients recover soon. But be sure to understand what the patient gets and what taboos are eating in advance. Like diabetes, if you control sugar, do not give high sugar fruit.

  3. Visiting elderly patients can generally bring some milk powder, fruit, and send a red envelope to please auspicious. Relatively speaking, money is also more practical.

    The red envelope in the traditional sense is also called New Year's money. It is the money wrapped in red paper for the elders who pass the Chinese New Year. At the time of the Qing Dynasty, most of the New Year's money was given to the children with red rope. After the Republic of China, it evolved into red paper. Now referring to the red paper bag with money; it is used for gifts for gifts. It also refers to the bonus and bribing the money of others. The red envelope in the Chinese Cantonese area is called Lishi (customs, benefits, and inspiration). It is a gift made of putting money in red seals.

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