The anti-fall device of the construction lift is essential and should be inspected every year

The performance and effect of anti-falling safety device of construction hoist directly affect whether construction hoist can be used safely. To ensure the effectiveness of the anti-fall safety device, regular inspection is essential. Here's a single man basket lift.

No matter whether the anti-fall device of the construction lift is used, an annual inspection should be carried out every year, that is, the effective calibration period should not exceed one year.

10c0650d918f8df64f035febe0770951When checking the fall safety device, check the following items:

Before inspection and calibration, disassemble the centrifugal speed limiting device and the conical drum brake of the construction hoist anti-falling safety device, check the parts of the safety device speed limiting device, including: check whether the centrifugal block, centrifugal seat, spring plate, compression spring and adjusting bolt are intact, whether the operation is normal, and remove oil and rust.

The second part of the anti-fall safety verification is for cone drum brakes. We need to check whether the large copper nuts, screws, conical drum, disk shell, etc. are complete, indicating the pin is complete, function is normal, but also pay attention to the removal of oil and rust.

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