Homemade bath salt bombs

Every winter, I go to the Goula soup near my home to take a bath. This year, because of the epidemic, I could not make a bath appointment, so I tried all kinds of bath salts at home. When my friend saw the rainbow bath ball I sent, she said that she could make this bath ball, and she made an appointment immediately.There are bath bombs wholesale.

8e9b0894fe27bed6709481f0b7f262a2It looks like it's going to take a lot of work, and friends are simply too talented.


Baking soda 280g/bag

Cornflour 200g/bag

Eat 150g of citric acid without water

Epsom salt 10g (put so that the bath salt bomb can walk around in the bathtub)

(Cornflour is also cornstarch.)

Essential oil

Edible flavor

Edible pigment

It's shaped by pressure, not by liquid.​

So basic oils and pigments are enough.​

What ESSENTIAL OIL USES this TIME IS YOU LAVENDER AND MINT  Geranium 🌿 vanilla 🌿lemon

The base oil is sweet almond or Jojoba.​

Peach and cream for flavoring

​After being tired and paralyzed, do not easily try! Do not save money, with 7 bottles of essential oil, an afternoon, originally thought to be skilled can sell money, truly is to think too often, I give people.

Now every time the bath is delicious, after all, they do sufficient material, you cannot buy a bath ball for a year.

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