4 thoughts on “What kind of gifts should the rural elderly send?”

  1. 1. Choose gifts according to the old people's usual interests and give them whatever they like
    2. The first choice for the elderly is to give a massage. The elderly's body is not as good as before, and there will always be a lot of illnesses. A massage can reduce the suffering caused by illness
    3. The old man's blood pressure will gradually increase. It is also good to send him a sphygmomanometer to keep abreast of his health status at any time.
    4. If the weather is cold, you can send grandpa warm things, such as silk quilt, scarf, blanket, etc. I hope he can live comfortably in winter
    excellent wine is good, as well as tea. The elderly generally like to drink tea. If it is autumn and winter, you can consider some warm equipment, wool hats, gloves, scarves, etc. are all good things to show your heart! If the relationship is close, you can add some delicious desserts. I think the elderly like desserts more

  2. In the past, we used to send clothes, health care products and things that the family needed to use. I think what the rural elderly lack most is love and communication. I heard that the orange bean box integrates many intelligent functions that can be easily used by the elderly. After reading a lot of reports, I can't help buying one to go home.

  3. The elderly who have worked hard all their lives often have cervical problems. This all-round cervical massage shawl is the most practical gift. The special beating method can effectively relieve the pressure on the neck and promote blood circulation. This gift must not be missed

    shoulder and neck electric massage shawl

    shoulder and neck electric massage shawl
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    Baijiaxing bamboo peace Mug
    Sudoku is a symbol of wisdom, especially testing people's intelligence and ability. For children, if they can contact Sudoku from an early age, It can exercise their abilities and further develop their intelligence. Adults can also play with children. Sometimes adults can't handle it

    Baijia surname Zisha Cup

    Baijia surname Zisha Cup
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    intelligent multi-functional crutches for the elderly
    many elderly people in families need a suitable crutches because they are old and their legs are not convenient. This multi-functional crutches integrates automatic fall alarm Light, radio and other functions are integrated, and the length can be adjusted. It is very practical. It is suitable for the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet at home

    old people's anti-skid multi-functional crutches

    old people's anti-skid multi-functional crutches
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    Youngor men's sweaters
    winter is coming, and the weather is getting cooler. Without special heating in rural areas, it is often colder. It is better to give the old people a warm sweater to add warmth.

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