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  1. If the diamond ring style is divided by style, it can be roughly divided into the following categories: simple style, luxury style and unique design style. If it is classified by inlay method, it can be divided into claw inlay, column inlay, package inlay, clip inlay and row inlay. According to the shape of the main drill, it can be divided into round drill, water drop drill, square drill, heart drill, etc

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    there are many criteria for the classification of diamond ring styles. If you do not have much research on diamond ring styles and do not have any demand in this respect, you can choose according to the style of diamond rings. How to choose is very simple. First, it is clear who will wear the diamond ring after purchase, whether to wear it for yourself, for your sweetheart or for your family. After this problem is clear, you can confirm the style of the diamond ring according to the wearer's usual style of clothing. It is suggested that the two styles should be unified to look more harmonious

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    whether the style of diamond ring will have an impact on the price of diamond ring is certain, but it is not the main influencing factor. The main influencing factors are the 4C standard of the diamond ring, that is, the weight of the diamond ring, the color of the diamond ring, the cleanness of the diamond ring and the cutting of the diamond ring. If you want to buy a high-quality diamond ring, choose an excellent 4C standard diamond. The 4C standard of diamond can be seen on the certificate

  2. Generally, they are classified according to the shape of the diamond. The most classic is the round diamond, and then there are heart-shaped diamond, emerald, square and other shapes. However, the round diamond is the most classic and most suitable for the public. It does not choose the hand type, and ordinary people can control it. Other opposite sex diamonds, some of which are hand type, are coordinated with each other, and some are not. So it depends on your own. Try to see which one is suitable for you

  3. 1、 Claw style
    this style of
    diamond ring
    is named because diamonds are fixed by claw metal, and is one of the favorite styles of women. Moreover, this design can make the diamond more exposed and show the luster of the diamond. This claw shaped design makes the diamond fixed more firmly and easy to clean. It is relatively simple in the manufacturing process, thus reducing the cost of the diamond ring and thus reducing its price. Although the claw shaped diamond ring looks good to wear, its metal claws are also easy to catch other objects. In case of any situation, it cannot be pulled or pulled hard, and professional personnel are required to handle it
    setting style
    this style of diamond ring is inlaid with large diamonds. Only when the diamonds are inlaid with metal edging can the diamonds be better fixed. The diamond ring with the border setting style needs more metal and is more complicated in terms of technology. Therefore, the diamond ring with this style is expensive and not suitable for ordinary consumers. The diamond ring with wrapped edges will make the ring holder wider in style, so it is mostly designed and worn for men. Beautiful female friends rarely consider such a style
    III. nail type inlay style
    it has been seen that some diamond rings have many small diamonds arranged and inlaid on the ring rest, and the surface of the diamonds is parallel to the surface of the ring rest. This
    inlay style
    is called nail type style. This design enables diamonds to be well protected, and the number of diamonds is large, and the radiance produced can form a better visual effect than
    a diamond
    . Generally, the diamond ring inlaid with nails is more suitable for women to wear, reflecting the noble and elegant temperament of women
    4. Groove type inlay style
    this type of diamond ring inlays
    diamonds in a metal groove, which can fully protect diamonds. Moreover, this metal groove can also place many diamond particles at the same time. The processing of this type of diamond ring is time-consuming, the cost of making metal grooves is high, and the technical requirements are high. This type of diamond ring is popular with both men and women, but the price is higher than other types of diamond rings.

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