How to change the lovemaking environment is better?

All too frequently, we find that even when sex is a two-person thing, we frequently follow sex instead of holding it in our hands and letting it follow us. We are unable to follow sexual desires for various reasons. Next, ask momo sexdoll for three tips to make sex follow you.

Accentuate sex appeal

If a man calls a woman sexy, that's the ultimate compliment. Of course, what we mean by sexy isn't wearing less, it's showing extra. Sexiness is sexual attraction caused by sight, eyes, temperament, manners, attitude and touching image, thus forming a person's unique sexual charm. We frequently say that love at first sight is caused by sexual attraction. Being sexy can make a great impression and surprise people, and then further stimulate the physiological response. Because being sexy can fire each other up, we try to make the most of this trait and put our sexual appeal on full display to capture each other's feelings.

Transformational environment

Changing the sexual environment can give us a fresh and exciting feeling, making love more passionate. Color, decoration and light in a bedroom are necessary to create the most harmonious environment. Adding romantic ambiance and emotional appeal through lighting is essential to enhance visual stimulation. The color of the bedroom should be determined according to the wife's needs. In general, a warm and cheerful wife should use delicate, expressive soft colors; ​restrained and introverted wives should choose clear and cheerful colors. Bedding and furniture should commonly be decorated in warm colors to enhance the warm and sweet atmosphere. Bedroom lamps should be as distant as possible to choose the brightness of adjustable wall lamp, table lamp or chandelier. The deployment of lighting can increase sexual romance.

​Shift the three elements of lovemaking

The so-called three elements of sex mainly refer to the time, place and content. The best way to beat couples' sexual fatigue is to keep changing the time, place and content. The so-called time, not necessarily at night before bed sex, can be in the morning, can also be on the weekend; ​the so-called place is that sex does not have to be in the bedroom hotbed, the living room sofa, balcony, kitchen can become a sexual battlefield; ​the content is to alter the singleness of sex, to add some sexual products, to alter the sexual posture, etc.

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