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  1. Internet fraud is useful to find anti -fraud centers.
    The Chongqing as an example, the Chongqing Anti -Fraud Center has improved the anti -fraud system and effectively associated the police, cases, and accounts involved in the case. The circulation and instructions were uploaded and issued, and the integrated operation mode of the Chongqing Anti -fraud Center uniformly stopped the interception and the firing unit frozen and returned. At the same time, by opening up the docking networks with the Ministry of Public Security, various banks, and grass -roots cases, it further optimizes the disposal process and improves the working mechanism, which has increased the effective intercept rate of funds by 5 percentage points.
    In statistics, in 2018, Chongqing public security organs detected more than 50,000 cases of telecommunications network fraud cases. More than 2,800 criminal suspects were arrested. , Frozen funds of 519 million yuan. Since the establishment of the Chongqing Anti -Fraud Center in August 2016, it has cumulatively helped the masses to recover direct economic losses of more than 332 million yuan.
    The main responsibilities of anti -fraud centers:

    I. as the authoritative release platform of the National Anti -Fraud Center, the official government number is the Ministry of Public Security carefully practicing the online mass line, further connecting the masses, sending good public security Voice and important measures to promote the development of the media of the public security organs.
    The official administrative number of the National Anti -Fraud Center will adopt various forms such as police preaching, police -civilian interaction, network scenario drama, public welfare promotional video, and arrest recording.
    It will release a series of scenes of the scenes one after another, and the recent high -incurred online loans, online ordering, "killing pig plates", posing for customer service refund, counterfeiting acquaintances, posing as "public prosecution law", "recommendation stocks", false shopping, false shopping, false shopping, false shopping, false shopping, false shopping Logging out ten types of frauds such as "campus loans" and buying and selling game coins.
    The above content refers to Baidu Encyclopedia-Chongqing Anti-fraud Center
    The above content refer to Baidu Encyclopedia-National Anti-Fraud Center

  2. It is useful to find an anti -fraud center, but it is impossible to understand the incident.
    I was deceived. The first time you should choose to call the police, the call number 110.
    If the police cracked the case and captured the suspect, the property you was deceived would recover.
    otential, if you do not call the police, there is no chance of recovering.

  3. Reporting on the National Anti -Fraud Center Software, no one cares about it at all, let alone find a police officer if you encounter difficulties! I know several specialized network fraud gangs, and then reported 110 to report, and they poured that you should ask the National Fraud Center to report, and then I downloaded and reported it. Forget it, no justice police handled it!

  4. Recently, I met a person who claimed to be a soldier, saying that it was the section chief of the information department, saying that the company's company's company loopholes, earned money, micro -vision quiz, and invested money, saying that it was a personal income tax to withdraw. There are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

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