4 thoughts on “Is it better to buy diamond rings platinum or platinum? I have experienced suggestions!”

  1. Platinum generally refers to platinum. The common materials of the ring are platinum and 18K gold. Both materials are optional.
    The characteristics of platinum diamond ring. The so -called platinum is actually the platinum we often call. The color is only white, and the jewelry is marked: PT950/PT900. Among them, PT950 is higher than PT900, platinum content, and low hardness.
    The advantages of platinum diamond ring
    ① The color is white with a high -level sense, and it will never fade. It is better to take care of it.
    ② Platinum stability is strong, and there have been no cases of platinum allergies.
    ③ platinum is strong and not easy to wear. In other words, your platinum is always your platinum. The external force can only cause the platinum deformation to displace, but it will not be scraped away and the quality will never change.
    Platinum diamond ring disadvantages
    ① The price is higher than that of gold.
    ③ PT950 in platinum is very soft and is not suitable for complex inlaids and gemstones; PT900 is stronger than PT950, but it is also not suitable for being too complicated and easy to deform.
    k gold diamond ring characteristics The so -called K gold refers to the alloy of gold and other metals. The more common K gold on the market has 18K gold (marked as 18K/AU750) and 14K gold. The gold content is: 75%and 58.34%. 14K gold is higher than 18K gold.
    K gold diamond ring advantage
    ① K gold has a variety of colors to choose from. Including rose gold, white, green, black, etc. Meet the needs of various fashion styles.
    ② K gold high hardness, you can make a very complicated and design -like shape. Will not deform.
    ③ k gold can be inlaid with large gems without drilling.
    ④ K gold price is cheaper than platinum. A cheaper of a precepts is about 500 yuan.
    k gold diamond ring disadvantages
    ① Because the K white gold diamond ring is alloy, it will fade into a faint yellow after a long time.

  2. Both platinum or platinum should not have the value of gold! If it is beautiful and beautiful, you will choose platinum if you don’t realize it in the future.

  3. Puff, some experienced people said that there is no way to give you suggestions, because the question of "buy diamond rings is good or platinum" does not exist in itself! Platinum is platinum, platinum is platinum, and the two words are just different names for the same material. However, some people may mistakenly think that "white metal" is "platinum", but in fact, according to national regulations, only "platinum" can be called "platinum". My diamond ring is made of platinum (white) gold. When you buy it, you can see the inside of the ring. There are PT or platinum, and the material is platinum!

  4. First of all, 18K gold and platinum colors: 18K are divided into three colors, K white, K yellow and K rose color, platinum is one color, white, platinum price is slightly more expensive than 18K gold. Secondly, 18K gold is designed in the inlaid style: the color is rich, and the styles are diverse, especially the complex style, but it is easy to get yellow for a long time, and the inlaid is stronger platinum: the color is single, due to the soft and complex style of the texture, it is not easy to oxidize the color. Finally, the inlaid solid is slightly worse
    I Dai's suggestion is still 18K gold inlaid. It is the most important thing when it is worn. After all, diamonds are more important!

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