1 thought on “How much is Chinese golden 6 -point diamond ring?”

  1. Diamonds look at the specific color
    The situation of the Ukrainian situation of Malaysia Airlines and the European Union's support for the European Union, Palestinian conflict, Iraq's deadlock, the Middle East Iraqi nuclear issue, Libya civil war, the Federal Reserve announced that the federal fund interest rate was maintained at 0-0.25%. Change and reduce the quantitative loose (QE) scale again to reduce US $ 10 billion to a scale of US $ 25 billion per month. Data released by the US Department of Labor (DOL) showed that the quarterly quarterly season rate of labor cost indexes increased by 0.7%. Creating the biggest increase since the third quarter of 2008;
    Mi -not -agricultural employment in July is not as good as expected, the gold rebounds. About 302 yuan, invested 265.5 yuan for gold, and recovered 250.3 yuan. The recovery price of pawn banks is only less than 215 yuan. Investment needs to be cautious in risk industry.

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