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  1. Players who have recharged more than 9999 or more (including 9999 yuan) and activate the gold medal VIP identity (that is, the invitation letter of Virginian) can receive the "Invitation Letter of Dr. Amle Gold Wine".

    The accumulated recharge of more than 3,000 yuan and activated the quasi gold medal VIP identity (that is, players who have already used the invitation letter before March 12) can get the invitation letter of "Legend of Exploring the Big Barrier Reef Happiness".

    is a quasi -gold medal VIP and not a gold medal VIP. So the icon cannot be lit. It is only possible to recharge more than 9999.
    I consults customer service on Magic Island "Commercial Tycoon".

  2. Is it 3,000 yuan? I remember the official 3,000 yuan is a quasi -gold medal VIP. The
    9999 or above without lighting the logo is the gold medal VIP to light up
    R n
    I I saw the announcement at the time
    Event eight: New service gold medal VIP Journey
    Activity introduction: When the accumulated recharge of players reaches 3000, we will send out a quote within 24 hours The gold medal VIP exclusive mini Virginian invitation letter invites you to enter the big family of the gold medal VIP, and at the same time bring the members of your chamber of commerce to participate in sharing the gift we sent in the travel process.

    3000 yuan is a quasi -gold medal VIP. If you want the gold medal, I guess it must be 9999
    The specific consultation customer service

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