3 thoughts on “Buy diamond rings, platinum and platinum, which is better?”

  1. In fact, there is no Platinum. If you must say that Platinum is now only white, 18K golden platinum in the market. If it is made into a diamond ring, there is a disadvantage of platinum is that it is soft than 18K gold without 18K gold and grabbing. 18K gold can be made. Mainly afraid of the part of the claws loosening

  2. You have no experience in buying jewelry at first glance. Which is good for platinum and platinum, there is no correct answer, because platinum is platinum, and the country also stipulates that only jewelry with more than 85%of platinum can be called platinum jewelry. We all know that the metal material of platinum is naturally pure white, and it looks good with the natural fire color of the diamond. It will not be taken away by the diamond, nor the noise. of.

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