wholesale jewelry displays canada How much does 50 carats cost?

wholesale jewelry displays canada

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  1. wholesale dozen pack jewelry There are many types of diamonds. The good is vs white, VSH
    The beautiful diamond diamond depends on its purity, whether there are cracks, cracks, color, cutting, etc. The price is related to the above points! Pure, luster, weight, size, color (the purer the better), whether the workmanship is delicate, it is generally not seen that it is diamond. If it is a craft, it depends on the brand. n usually, the market price of the top eight -hearted eight arrows of 2 carats is close to 300,000 yuan. Of course Ability
    The diamonds are good, haha, as long as your financial permission.
    3 carat, haha, I think you must love your wife very much!
    I wish you happiness!
    The typing is not easy, if you are satisfied, look at it.

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