pet themed jewelry wholesale What will be checked by the customs? Which items cannot be brought?

pet themed jewelry wholesale

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  1. silicone teething jewelry wholesale In fact, the general inspection of the customs is the goods, mainly because the staff checks the names, specifications, quantities, weights, number of pieces, and whether they are infringement, the original land of the cargo, and so on. Generally, there are two types of customs. One is the item that needs to be declared to the customs, and the other is to prohibit the customs. Then the items that are still passing through customs are definitely those prohibited items, such as weapons simulation weapons or forged renminbi, and things that are harmful to the Chinese social society.

    The people are very nervous when they hear the customs inspection, as if they are regarded as tigers and beasts, but in fact, customs only check the past personnel and goods as usual, just to ensure that the safety of the customs is safe through the customs of the customs. sex. So most of the customs check the goods, and the main one is the name of the verification, because we know that many things like exported customs have product names, or there are common names, so it is easy to make it wrong. Especially the English name and Chinese name are difficult to do, so it is said that customs personnel generally check the name of the items, and at the same time check the specifications, quantity, weight number, etc., because before you pass the customs, you pass through the customs, you pass through the customs, you can pass the customs. The objects will be reported, so the customs will be verified according to the documents you reported.

    The things that generally cannot enter the customs are those prohibited items, such as things that involve people's public safety, weapon poison, and so on.像中国是明令禁止武器在市场上进行流通的,所以说如果你夹藏武器进行私黛的话,那么是肯定会被进行扣押的,同时那些仿真武器也不能够携带,因为在现在这个社会上, Many things can be regarded as a tool for murder, so those simulation weapons will also be detained, and things like bomb explosion are directly dropped by PASS.

    It, there are those forged currencies, or for fake valuable securities. At the same time, some things that are harmful to China's socio -economic culture will also be detained, such as some bad video tapes. These What will affect young people's thoughts, commonly known as yellow items will also be detained, and things that will endanger people's health, such as some strenuous poison or drugs. Can't pass the customs.

    Anyway, as long as you do not add private goods or bring some illegal crimes, then it is very easy to pass the customs. After all, the customs only fulfills an enforcement. As long as we are a good citizen who abides by the law, then we will actually pass the customs like an ordinary security check. Everyone does not need to be nervous.

  2. http://www.wholesale sparkle When passing the customs, there are a lot of strict inspections, and there are also some items that cannot be carried, such as air conditioning, telephone, electronic calculator, printer, photocopy, TV, camera, video machine, all kinds of flames, each each, each, each, each, each, each, each, each, each, each, each, each, each, each, each of which, each of which, each of which, each, each, each, each flames. Anesthesia drugs, various weapons and ammunition, items that hinder public hygiene, etc.

  3. stainless steel jewelry wholesale malaysia The customs mainly check whether the actual items are consistent with the contents of the reported goods declaration form, and information such as the name, quantity, quantity, and reporting value of the goods to see if there are incorrect information such as tax fraud and commodity inspection. Usually things that cannot be brought include: simulation weapons or falsification of RMB, poison explosives, flammable materials, animal and plant pathogens, animal corpses and specimens, soil, genetically modified biomass materials, blood and blood products, etc.

  4. silver jewelry wholesale thailand manufacturer Anything you carry is to check, including your luggage, jewelry, clothing, small objects carried with you, and so on. Each country has its own policies that cannot bring items. Basically, rare resources such as drugs and rare wild animals, rare earths cannot be brought, and some are prohibited from carrying control tools.

  5. edge jewelry wholesale First fill in a outbound card, a declaration card and a quarantine card, boarding pass, passport, air ticket, etc. Several items on the plane cannot be carried and flammable and dangerous.

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