What is the use of the K -line diagram?

The K -line chart can always be seen when Yun Palm Finance Tracks, but what is the use?

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  1. Looking at the K -line of stocks is a very common way of stock trading. The stock market has always been ups and downs. If you want to understand, you can use the K line, try to find some "rules", analyze the "law" of stocks to find better investment and gain benefits.
    Is can be seen from the K line, let's teach you, to analyze it from which aspects.
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    . What does the k -line of the stock mean?
    k line chart can also be called candle map, Japanese line or yin and yang line. We often call the K line. Its original use is to calculate the daily direction of the rice price. There are places to use martial arts.
    is like a columnar, which can be divided into shadow lines and entities. We call it K -line. The part of the shadow line on the top of the entity is called the shadow line, and the part below is called the lower shadow line.
    PS: The shadow line represents the highest and lowest price of the transaction on the day. The entity represents the opening price and closing price of the day.
    Thematic red, white pillars, or black frames can be used to represent the yang line, and choose to use green, black or blue enthusiasts to represent the yin line,

    When we were observed, a line is the form of the physical part after the change of the physical part
    The means of the cross line is very simple. It means that the closing price is the same as the opening price
    (For the stock market, although there is no way to know specific things, the K line has a certain guidance significance). For novices, it will not be so difficult to operate.
    The on the one hand, everyone is worth noting. The K -line is analyzed. It is not as easy as expected. If you just started, you do n’t know the K line. It is recommended to use some auxiliary tools to help you judge one. Is it worth buying alone.
    For example, the following diagnosis link link, enter your favorite stock code, you can automatically help you valuation, analyze the market situation, etc. When I first started the stock trading, it was very convenient: it was very convenient: [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    It let's briefly explain a few tips for K -line analysis to let you get started as soon as possible.
    . How to use the stock K line for technical analysis?
    1, the physical line is the yin line
    what is the turnover of the stock transaction? At this time, we must pay attention to it. Once there is a small transaction volume, it means that the stock price may decline in the short term; and the transaction volume is very large. , Most of the stock prices have fallen for a long time.
    2, the physical line is yang line
    What is the physical line explaining the yang line? Fully explained that the stock price rising power is even more powerful. Is it a long -term rise? This also needs to be judged in conjunction with other indicators.
    For example, the form of broad markets, industry prospects, valuations, etc., but due to length problems, you cannot expand a detailed talk. You can click on the link below to understand: R N response time: 2021-09-06, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

  2. K -line is useful for stock trading. The K -line diagram is a simple graphic of the quantity. According to the unit time, the graphics that changes according to the price of something (starting, fluctuation) In the stock market, each K -line of the K -line diagram records the opening price, lowest price, highest price, and closing price of the unit time (such as the day, Zhou, Month, and Year, etc.).

    It, because a K -line has four elements that record the price at the same time, you can also use the color to represent the rise and fall of the closing price (such as red, green, white flat), and the color, and the situation It is very intuitive, so most of the stock market transactions use a K -line diagram to see the market. Because the K -line first derives in Japan, it is also called the rice noodle.

    The basic K -line diagram has two meanings. The first layer is the definition of the K -line itself, and the second layer is the psychology of K -line. The psychology of single -kicks will continue to run through all technical theoretical learning. Therefore, the K -line theory is the basis for learning.

    The K -line is expanded. The normal K -line in the stock market is 5 days K -line, 120 60 minutes K -line, and 480 15 minutes K -line. That is, a weekly K -line, which is already a minute K -line in multiple band movements at the minute cycle.

    So learn K -line, from single roots to simple combinations, from simple combination to top bottom form, from the bottom to the band trends, as well as a relay form, is a gradual process, and all these are all these, and all of them are all of these, and all these are all of these, and all of them are all these Start with a K line. If you only learn one K -line, you must not make money. If you are proficient in the K -line trend and form, you can definitely make money.

    The ones can be referred to the book systems of relevant parties in the following, such as: Japanese candle map, and then combined with a weapon to practice. The current Niu stockbao simulation stocks are not bad. Many functions in it are enough to analyze the broader market and individual stocks. It will help to use it. I hope it can help you and wish you a happy investment!

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