5 thoughts on “How to use the gold coins in the 9158 virtual video”

  1. The gold coins of 9158 virtual videos are not much useful now. You Baidu "9158 virtual video cracked VIP version"

    has cracked version. What I use now is the cracked version ...

    It if you can't find it, you can add Q group Q group: 118 253 522

    The download in it, and fake video download

  2. 52 Sinicization registration version == ---

    Software introduction:
    a veritable software camera, which can simulate it as a "real" camera, successfully deceive most video chat software For example, Microsoft, QQ, Cu-Seeme, and so on. In this way, even if there is no camera settings on my computer, these software can still be used.

    In before installation, please change the computer time to 2008, and then after the installation, you can use the time back to use
    email: bill@ Linux

    download link:

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