1 thought on “What is the digital RMB?”

  1. Digital RMB is an electronic version of the RMB, which belongs to the legal currency in the digital form controlled by the central bank, which has the same effect as coins and banknote. It is mainly positioned as MO, that is, cash and coins in circulation.
    01 Digital RMB has four major functions: scanning code, remittance, receivable, and touching. Using digital RMB does not require the network, does not require a bank account, as long as two mobile phones equipped with DC/EP digital wallets are touched to complete the operation. This function is based on the NFC module of smartphones and UnionPay label payment technology.
    02 Many friends think that digital RMB and WeChat payment are similar. But in fact, digital RMB and they are not a dimension. WeChat payment and Alipay are financial infrastructure. In general, they only have the function of wallets, while digital RMB is a payment tool and money in the wallet. Digital RMB is the legal currency issued by the central bank and has national credit. WeChat payment and Alipay are just a type of payment method. Based on the settlement of commercial bank deposits, the bank's commercial credit is behind it.
    D digital RMB is just virtualization of our entities. In other words, digital RMB has "appearance" in WeChat wallets and Alipay. Since then, it is no longer a string of numbers, thus having a "skin".

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