1 thought on “The Royal War 5.18 new version of the Royal Giants and Wild Pig Knights is better”

  1. The royal war, the Huang family giant wild boar card team how to use the Huang family giant wild pig flow card group to recommend. The highest range of all buildings in the Royal War is 6, while the royal giant can reach 6.5, and the ability to remove tower is not general. Therefore, when the Royal War, the Huang family giant wild boar card group appeared, all the masters of the tower were removed. Is it even cooler to match? The Huang family giant wild pig flow card team composition: flame elf, wild boar knight, holy water collector, royal giant, electric shock, artillery, undead, skeleton guard replacement part: Goblin can also replace the above soldier, the collector can use it can be used The gods are replaced, and the artillery can be replaced by hell tower. Card disadvantaged: If the hatred and distance of Huang Jiaju and wild boar are separated, and the soldiers who are protected are already lineups, it is easy to be resolved by earning fees. This deck needs a strong understanding of the appropriate position under each card. The above is the recommendation of the royal war giant wild boar card group brought by the editor of Dou Crab.com for everyone. I hope to help everyone, I wish you all a happy game!

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