5 thoughts on “Those electronics factories in Chengdu are in Chengdu”

  1. Major companies in the world have branches in Chengdu, such as Intel Chengdu, in High -New Western District. In the local area, Chengdu Yingji Hi -Tech Technology Co., Ltd. is here in the high -tech zone.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, Chengdu's electronics factory is as follows: 1. Sichuan Pin Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd., Chengdu Xinhos Electronic Exploration Technology Co., Ltd. 2. China Electronics Aviation Electronics Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Corporation, the Tenth Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation 4. Chengdu En Industrial Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., China Electronic Technology Group Corporation 30th Research Instituten5. Chengdu Xindeli Electronics Co., Ltd., Chengdu Zhimingda Electronics Co., Ltd. 6. Chengdu Kaitian Electronic Co., Ltd., Chengdu Lenovo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Huadi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.nAsk how about Tianma Micro salary?nAnswer, especially in Chengdu High -tech West District (that is, Laudu District), a large number of electronic factories are distributed. In the duty -free zone, there are more than 20 enterprises including Intel, Foxconn, Texas Instruments, Pratt

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