1 thought on “How to become the official website”

  1. Go to the official website and submit the information. The platform will be reviewed, and the account will be signed and the account will be opened within 5 working days. Official website shooting is the e -commerce replenishment launched by the advertising Internet company. E -commerce replenishment is to help the official website to sell. The promotion costs paid by the official website will be given to customers, and the supplies are affixed to customers, so as to achieve a win -win situation for the three parties.
    The official website, flagship stores, small programs, Sephora, Watsons and other official stores such as various official websites, flagship stores, applets, Sephora, Watsons, etc. can be discounted on the basis of the original shop activities. Worried, because LV luxury goods like LV in my concept are impossible to discount at all, I observed for a long time, long, and long time, and I also checked some relevant information.
    . The first time I placed the order at Bally's flagship store. I forgot to 70 % off. I took it directly from the flagship store and then received the discount after receiving the goods. It is nothing more than buying something at the flagship store.

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