It is recommended to install a single controller for some led lights and a dual controller for others. What is the difference?

individual controlled led strip uses the "single control switch" control, or "use the dual control switch" control difference, the use of the two switches depends on the switch installation site requirements, usually in two places to control the same bulb or the same group of lights, or the same appliance; ​or a switch control two electrical appliances work in turn, etc., will use the "dual control switch".

Single control of the lamp means that one switch can control the lamp at one place, and double control means that two switches can control the lamp at two places. Compared to single control, dual control feels very convenient. In average family sitting room lamp, toilet lamp and bedroom lamp, use double control, use very convenient.

The use of a light dual control, prior to wiring between the two switches three lines, the use of the switch to buy a light dual control, and a light single control switch is not the same.

How to control the single open double control switch led light

1. Appearance difference: single-control switch has only two terminals, dual-control switch has three terminals.

2. The difference in usage: single control switch refers to a switch control a light, double control switch refers to two different places, control the same light open and close, such as the living room, stairs and other locations, so that we do not have to turn off the light (door) after the dark back to the bedroom, very convenient.

3. A dual-controller switch can be used as a single-controller switch. A single-controller switch cannot be used as a dual-controller switch.​

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