How about the quality of Supor air fryer?

Nowadays, many people cook some delicacies at home by themselves, such as baking, desserts, etc. Among them, fried food is also a favorite of many people, so air fryers are becoming more and more popular. As a home appliance giant, Supor naturally occupies a place in the product field of air fryers, and its sales have always remained high. So in order to let everyone better understand the quality of this brand of air fryers, the author will discuss In-depth product reviews.

How about the quality of Supor air fryer?

Supor is a big brand. The reason why it can maintain long-term popularity and sales in the market is naturally inseparable from the quality control and quality of its products, so the quality is naturally guaranteed. In terms of safety performance, Supor air fryer is also good. Many models are equipped with safety locks, taking into account quality and safety. In terms of configuration and functionality, each series has its own characteristics and advantages. Overall, The performance is still worth choosing an air fryer.

Advantage 1: 6L large-capacity deep frying

An obvious shortcoming of many air fryers is that the capacity is too small. This air fryer from Supor has increased the capacity, which can put more ingredients at one time. One pot can fry 12 chicken wings, and the cooking of a whole chicken Frying is not a problem, it is not only more convenient but also more time-saving, saving half the time compared with ordinary capacity fryers.

Advantage 2: Smart touch is more convenient

The smart touch panel equipped on the fuselage of the fryer is more convenient to operate, and the screen design is more concise and beautiful. After the device is pressed and started, the menu can be displayed on the panel. There are 8 shortcut menus, which can be selected according to different fried foods Choose from different menus and methods to meet your various cooking needs.

Advantage 3: 24-hour long-term appointment

The 2-hour reservation function allows you to better free your hands, realize the freedom to fry at any time, and make the whole cooking process more controllable. When you want to eat delicious food when you get home from get off work, you only need to make an appointment for 11 hours at 8 am, and then you can enjoy delicious food at 7 pm.View testimonials:low watt air fryer

Advantage 4: Multiple security guarantees are more intimate

In order to avoid the possibility of hot oil scalding during the frying process, a high-temperature-resistant shell wrapping design is adopted on the body, which can effectively insulate heat and prevent scalding. After the fryer is used up, the power-off memory design can automatically power off the fryer basket after it is taken out, preventing accidental contact with the heating machine, and continuing to work according to the original set program until the fryer basket is put back.

Advantage 5: Non-stick coating is more convenient to clean

Although the air fryer is convenient, many machines also have the problem that it is very troublesome to clean. This fryer of Supor is equipped with a detachable built-in heat insulation frying plate, and it is made of non-stick material, which is easier to clean. After finishing, it can be separated and cleaned with a light detachment, which is very convenient.

Disadvantages of Supor Air Fryer

Disadvantage 1: Although the air fryer is very convenient to use, some friends reported that the air fryer will make a lot of noise during use, especially in the morning or evening.

Disadvantage 2: Compared with ordinary kitchen utensils, the price of Supor air fryer is a bit more expensive, and the cost performance is relatively low for friends who do not often use air fryer.

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