5 thoughts on “Why did the uncle and aunt collectively grab the buffet at the bath center?”

  1. These uncle grabbing buffets crazy because. At that time, this bath club was engaged in special activities, and the price was very affordable. The uncle and aunts were fancy, so they were greedy for small and cheap, and because these dishes were limited, the uncle and aunts were worried that they could not eat, and they had a crazy phenomenon.
    In relevant reports, this incident happened in Nanjing, Jiangsu. A local bathing center is engaged in special offers. Not only is the bath fare very affordable, but customers who come to consume can also eat the buffet provided by the club, and these buffets are free of charge. Therefore, after hearing this good news, uncle and aunts could not restrain the careful thoughts. Most of them were consumed by the bathing center for this wave of buffets.
    In the video shot by the witness, the scene was chaotic at the time. The dishes provided by the club were snatched by the uncle and aunt. When they saw the dishes on the table, these uncle aunts began to grab the model. Within half a minute, all the new dishes were emptied. Very clean. The dining seats provided by the sports club are also full of seats, and even some uncle and aunts did not grab the seats to stand and eat. They are like a group of hungry wolves, as long as they see food, they will rush up.
    The owner of the club was surprised to see this situation. In order to better cope with this situation, he adopted the meal system, separated the uncle and aunt to pick up the food, and a team that was discharged also formed a long dragon.
    I I think this is the most significant characteristic of Chinese uncle and aunt "love greed and cheap". As long as they find cheap or free items, they will grab at all costs. And on any occasion, they can fulfill this characteristic.
    When the uncle and aunt learned that the club had special offers, he had some heartbeat, especially with free buffets to eat, so in order to prevent his money from the white flowers, he would try everything. buffet.

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