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  1. Hefei Commercial Central District is concentrated in the Yangtze River Middle Road (Railway Station, Hefei Bus Station, bus 124 to get to the area) and Jinzhai Road; Li Hongzhang's former residence also has Huaihe Road Commercial Pedestrian Street. Another city god temple (by 2, 13, 112, 114, 123, 126, 132, 136, 162, 168, 168, 232, 801, 706 can be available) Small commodity zero market A by -product wholesale market and the rapidly rising Anhui Market, the Yangtze River wholesale market, and Oriental Mall in recent years are all influential shopping venues in Anhui Province. In addition, a number of large -scale modern comprehensive shopping malls such as Hefei Department Store, Gulou Commercial Building, Commercial Capital, Lepuson Commercial Building, etc. have also formed the skeleton of Hefei commercial outlets. Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street Pedestrian Street is located in the center of Hefei City. It is a famous commercial street in Hefei history and an old street with humanities. Pedestrian street integrates shopping, diet, leisure, entertainment, and tourism. There are a lot of historical monuments here, and at the same time, it is a commercial street with a stored shop. Maintaining traditional store layout methods, there are also large shopping squares, diets and entertainment consumer places, and many cultural sculptures. The preaching of historical context and regional characteristics, delicate and humane urban space stretch the charm of Huaihe Road, which gradually enables them to gradually embark on the status of Hefei First Commercial Street. Traffic Xiaodong Gate: 1st, 3, and Express Bus Line 5 Xiaoyaojin: 2 Road, 15, 106, 136, 137, 143, 155, 701, 801, Basilou Bridge: 109 Road 109: 109 , 117, 121, 129 small gardens: 130, 132, 137, 235, Pearl Square Pearl Plaza is located in the Hefei Economic Development Zone. Essence The location of the three districts of the fresh urban area, the university park, and the economic development zone. The advantages of the location are unique, and the transportation is very convenient. Square building belongs to European -style buildings with strong Gothic style. The pattern of flowers and plants revolves around the music fountain with smooth lines. There are more than 2,000 pigeons on the square, which are loved by tourists. Transportation bus 20, 30, 126, 148, and 150 to the European style street of the Pearl Plaza European style street is located on the north side of the Pearl Square. The building characteristics are obvious. It has become a wedding industry, catering, entertainment, leisure, business and other functions. Busty commercial street. Oufeng Street draws on the architectural style of different historical periods of different European countries. The creative combination is a European street view, which has become a unique European -style building complex. The blocks carefully designed various flower beds, pools, fountains, and sculptures, and it looks like an antique garden. At present, Oufeng Street has settled in a number of brands, suitable for people at different levels to come here for consumption. Transportation bus 20, 30, 126, 148, and 150 to the City God Temple of the City God Temple of the Pearl Plaza is located on Anqing Road, Luyang District. Hefei carried out comprehensive development with the Chenghuang Temple as the center, and built the Chenghuang Temple market. After the restoration of the Chenghuang Temple, it became the site of the Mass Art Museum in Hefei, and various literary performances were often held. The Chenghuang Temple market has opened a number of stores such as Baishi Zhai, Jiushi Tower, Huiguang Pavilion, and Luyang Palace, as well as restaurants, tea sites, art gardens, and ballrooms. At present, the Chenghuang Temple market is mainly composed of temples, Luyang Palace, Temple East, Small Commodity World, Antiques City, Chenghuang Temple Mall and Chenghuang Temple. It has become the birthplace of a private economy and a small commodity distribution center in Hefei. Transportation City God Temple: 114, 125, 126, 127, 133, 136, 138, 166 Museum: 2 Road, 30, 162, 901, Express Bus 2nd Plaza Plaza Yuanyi No. 1 Times Square is located near the Railway Station of Hefei City, located at the intersection of Shengli Road and Fengyang Road. The shopping mall gathers the high -level popular era department stores with complete categories, famous store streets leading fashion, Gome Electric, KFC fast food, the first five -star standard Time Studios in Anhui Province, a variety of flavors of food streets, emphasizing myth themes Happy Valley playground and mass vendor KTV, will be expected to become a new landmark for shopping and leisure in Hefei citizens, and become the best choice for Hefei shopping, catering, entertainment, leisure, and cultural consumption. Transportation Yuan Times Square: 1st, 11th, 139, 226, 701, 801, 902 Road Middle School (Yuan No. 1 Times Square): 21st, 111, 119, and 149 Route Plaza (North One Ring): Road 21 and 22 International Shopping Plaza Anhui International Shopping Plaza uses the "one -stop" business model to introduce the concept of international business popularity and become a large shopping square that integrates shopping, leisure and catering. The international shopping square is divided into four floors, two and a half floors above the ground, and the first floor of the ground. The negative floor is the flagship store of the building materials, and the bottom floor is a famous national purchase city. The first floor entered the large supermarket of Carrefour; the second floor was cultural, leisure, and food squares, and it was also equipped with large roof parking lots. The square interprets the expression of modern business with commercial space walking, indooring commercial space, socialized high standards for public space, and high starting points, creating Hefei commercial flagships. Traffic National Purchase Plaza: 3 Road, 116, 136, Express Bus Line 4 Feixi Road: 6, 21, 125, 149, 705 Road Middle: 125, 149, Sanxiaokou Women Street This is a small commodity market formed in the 1980s. Get off from Sanxiaokou, Jinzhai Road, from a distance. Various magazine stalls, milk tea stalls, cloak stalls, etc. are listed on both sides of the women's street. Although this street is not very long, the product is full of need, covering all the needs of a woman, from underwear to coats, from makeup to beauty, from small jewelry to wigs, and so on. Transportation Yangtze River Hotel: 10, 120, 131, 138 Lufeng Street: 1, 3, 116, Express Bus Line 4 Tongcheng North Road: 17th Xiaoxiaokou: 17, 122, 126, 126 , 133, 162, 166, 701, and 901 South Korea City Korea City is located on the north side of Shengli Plaza, the east of the Provincial Passenger Station in the east, and the west of Shengli Road. Using small Korean products, clothing, food, accessories, catering, beauty and series of Korean -style pure Korean business forms, it creates a pure Korean -style business form. Traffic bus 1, 10, 12, 21, 22, 119, 119, 127, 129, 134, 139, 226, 233, 701, 801, 902 to Shengli Plaza related related What are the special products of Hefei? In

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