5 thoughts on “Where can I have gold recovery in Wuhan”

  1. There are many ways to recycle gold now. Benkens and gold shops will recycle gold, but the price of recovery may not be very high. Banks often only recover their own gold bars, and the conditions are strict. Recycling. Gold recovery does not distinguish between brand styles. As for gold recovery, it is determined by the number of purity grams. At present, it is about three or four hundred yuan per gram in the recycling market. Specifically, the recycling price of recycling companies in various regions should be standard. Hope to adopt, thank you

  2. The recovery price is probably two -thirds of the price. The cheaper the more formal places, the more cheaper, it really can't come. Gold is relatively preserved. It is recommended to change it if you don’t like the style. Ha, in fact, you should think about it again.

  3. According to your situation, if you do n’t lack money, you just want to change the style, you can consider the exchange, so that you only need to pay the exchange fee of more than ten or twenty yuan per gram.
    If sold, today's old cities are about 198 yuan, which is not cost -effective.
    It if you exchange, you can turn more gold shops. If you have a favorite style, basically most gold shops can be exchanged.
    The shortcoming during exchanges can make up the difference. If more, you can exist in gold shops or find the rest recycling price

  4. Wuhan Mingpai can be replaced with the old, it is not clear if it is collected or not. You can go to the Mingpai specialty store on Jianghan Road to see that they can not collect them.

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