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  1. Platinum
    Platinum is a precious metal with natural white. The annual mining volume of platinum is only one -twenty of gold, and a ounce of platinum needs to be refined from 10 tons of platinum ore. Domestic platinum jewelry usually contains 90 % of pure platinum and is attached to the "PT900" logo. Platinum white gloss is naturally natural, and long -term wearing will not fade. The hardness of platinum makes it the best friend of diamonds. White K gold is gold and some alloys are white. It only contains 75 % of gold.
    The white K gold cannot be hit on the PT logo, and it can only be marked by the purity of gold and purity according to its purity. For example: 18K white K gold can only play marks such as "18K" and "G750". In the international precious metal market, the price of platinum is far more than gold, and the highest price among all precious metals. In addition, some white jewelry may also be silver products or white metals plated on its surface. Over time, it may show the original appearance. Although platinum is sometimes commonly known as platinum, in a strict sense, it should be called "platinum". Platinum English Platinum means chemical element platinum. Therefore, the purity, rarity, durability, and its natural white luster of platinum are indispensable for white K gold.
    So, in fact, some jewelry marked with "platinum" in the market is actually not platinum jewelry, so when choosing, it is important to look at the mark in the jewelry.
    The color of platinum and platinum is relatively similar, and people without experience can easily confuse the two.

  2. Platinum is a chemical element, commonly known as platinum. Its chemical symbol is PT and the atomic order is 78. Platinum is a gray -white precious metal with high density, high ductility, and low reactivity, which belongs to transition metal. According to international regulations, only platinum can be called platinum, so the two are the same thing.

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