3 thoughts on “What are the daily surprises of the billiard hall?”

  1. Talk about the project used in my billiard hall:

    Sunday: Competition, this is more common.
    Monday: Shake the color, use two colors (I have twelve tables in total, you depend on your number). If you just shake your table number, then the cost is exempt from the bill. For example, use one from No. 1 to 6, and two on the seventh to 12th. You can enjoy the exemption from the number of several stations. There are fewer people on Monday, and one -sixth chances have little impact on your income, but people will not be convinced and shake again. There are only a lot.

    Tuesday: Small gifts, the amount of recharge of 50 / one hundred today can obtain a variety of small gifts, such as two or three yuan small hanging ornaments, a small home of five or six yuan. Products, etc., these online wholesale is usually half -price or lower on the street, which can reach a recharge peak and newcomers will be attracted to recharge (one card will definitely not go, right?)

    Wednesday: Challenge points. If the challenge of the first four of last week to win seven and win, the number of platform fees for the bureau can be accumulated, such as ten yuan accumulation. It is 10 % off, but anyway, it is good to win every day. If you win, who is unwilling to fight more, let alone a lot of people who are not convinced. Win, he scored me with money, why not.

    Thursday, I still shake the color here.

    Fridays, achievement challenges: set up some achievement projects: such as snake color / ten continuous medium / long -term straight line ball / five rods to complete one shot to clear the platform, etc., let customers turn on the lights to complete the lights to complete Once completed, the reward recharge (self -determined) can be paid.

    Saturday, female friends settled half -price, there are more people today, and one -on -one ones are more. If women's checkout can be half price, if there are many female customers in the billiard hall, the benefits of you Women who play billiards are generally ~~~~ must be young and less dressed, right?

    This is some of the methods and experiences I operated. If you are adopted, if you try it, if you do n’t need to tell others, you have to use too much. What about?

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