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  1. Xiuyan County People's Government

    Xiuyan Dayang River Bridge

    I. Xiuyan Jade industry development history

    Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County is located in the eastern mountainous area of Liaoning Province and is subordinate to Anshan City, Liaoning Province. It is the largest jade producing area in China, the center of the gem and jade industry in the northeast, and 70% of the country's jade raw materials are produced here. It has long been known as the "jade capital of China". Xiuyan has beautiful mountains and rivers, picturesque scenery, abundant treasures and numerous specialties. Xiuyan Jade, in particular, is famous for its long history and abundant reserves. Ancient Chinese ancestors worshipped and used Xiuyan Jade for a very long time. Archaeological data show that Xiuyan Jade products have appeared in the Xiaogushan human site in Haicheng about 7000 years ago. In the Niuheliang site of Hongshan Culture 6000 years ago, there were a large number of handicrafts carved and processed with Xiuyan Jade as raw materials. The most typical one is the excavation of the C-shaped jade dragon known as the first dragon in China. In terms of literature, the book "Tiangong Kaiwu" written by song Yingxing in the Ming Dynasty describes that "Taiwei mountain in the northwest of North Korea has a thousand year old Pu, and there is lanolin jade in it, which is no different from the beauty of Congling". It has been verified that Taiwei mountain in the northwest of North Korea is the remnant of Changbai Mountain, which is pregnant with Xiuyan Jade. According to the literature, at the latest in the Ming Dynasty of China, China's top intellectuals have compared Xiuyan Jade with Hetian jade in Xinjiang

    although the history of Xiuyan Jade is as long as that of Chinese civilization, Xiuyan Jade was only a luxury of the upper class nobles in ancient China due to political, economic, military and other reasons, and the industrial scale remained at the stage of manual workshop production for a long time. Xiuyan Jade really became an industry after the founding of new China, especially after the reform and opening up

    after the founding of new China, under the leadership of the party and the government, more than 10 jade mining enterprises, including Xiuyan County jade mine, Hadabei town jade mine, pianling town jade mine, Dafangshen jade mine and Sanjiazi jade mine, have been established successively, with an annual output of over 1000 tons, accounting for more than 70% of the country's jade materials. It is the largest jade raw material base in China. Jade is sold to 32 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and supplies materials for more than 1000 jade factories in Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Hebei, Suzhou, Yangzhou and Shanghai. In order to protect Xiuyan Jade resources, the regulations on the protection of Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County jade resources was issued in 1999, which limited the mining of Xiuyan Jade and controlled the annual mining volume below 1000 tons

    Xiuyan Stone Lake Waterfall

    the rich Xiuyan Jade resources provide superior conditions for Xiuyan Jade processing industry. Since the 1980s, collective, joint venture and individual jade carving factories have blossomed everywhere, and there are more than 3000 enterprises engaged in processing in the county. The jade processing industry in some rural villages and towns has gradually moved towards collectivization and specialization. There are Shudi Yuma professional village and Wudaohe Yuhu and Yuying professional village in Xinglong town; The professional village of Wagou jade pillow appeared in Hadabei town. Among the 500000 people in the county, nearly 100000 people are directly engaged in jade processing, sales and related industries, with an annual output value of 400 million yuan and a profit and tax of more than 20 million yuan

    II. Overview of Xiuyan Jade industry development from 2006 to 2012

    1. Data analysis

    since 2006, with the development of domestic economic form and the trend of the international gemstone market, Xiuyan Jade has witnessed a large-scale industrial development, an increase in employees, an expansion of enterprise scale, a sharp rise in raw material prices and an optimization of the quality of employees, Now the data are summarized as follows:

    the road to the construction of China's jewelry and jade industry base

    the data shows that Xiuyan Jade industry has entered a new development stage since 2006. In general, it is from the original extensive, small-scale and low added value development mode to the conservation, sustainable and innovative mode. Specifically, the output value, profits and taxes have steadily increased, the number of employees has gradually expanded, and the education of employees has rapidly improved. What is particularly prominent is that the number of enterprises has shown a "gentle slope" change of first increasing and then decreasing, which indicates that Xiuyan Jade industry tends to be rational in development. A number of small enterprises with high energy consumption and poor efficiency have been eliminated by the market, and the market structure has been optimized. The number of jade carving masters at all levels has shown gratifying growth, which is an important manifestation of the recognition of the soft power of Xiuyan Jade industry by the outside world. For a long time, Xiuyan Jade industry has always had the advantage of "hardware" and lagged behind in "software configuration". The appearance of a large number of jade carving masters, especially those above the provincial level, proves that the "soft power" of Xiuyan Jade industry has also made great progress in recent years

    China jade carving Exhibition Center

    2. Key projects of the base

    the larger jade trading centers in Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County include China jade carving Exhibition Center, northeast Jade Trading Center, lotus jade wholesale market and jade capital. The major trading centers have different emphasis and are important pillars and windows for the development of Xiuyan Jade industry

    (1) China jade carving Exhibition Center

    China jade carving Exhibition Center is located at the north exit of the city, with a total investment of 260 million yuan, covering an area of 100000 square meters and a total construction area of 120000 square meters. There are 19200 international standard Boutique booths, including conference rooms, business centers, office rooms, jade carving museums, catering, entertainment and other supporting facilities, equipped with central air conditioning, escalators, automatic fire fighting, multi-functional conference rooms, large and small reception halls The comprehensive monitoring system and other modern facilities, with a large Yudu square of 30000 square meters, have large parking lots, music fountains, stone carvings, green belts, light control systems and other facilities. It is expected that the annual transaction volume will be 400 million yuan, the tax revenue will be more than 20 million yuan, and more than 5000 people will be resettled. It is a rare modern high-grade gemstone trading center in China. The jade carving Exhibition Center has become one of the most important landmarks of Xiuyan, the jade capital of China, which has greatly enhanced the brand image of Xiuyan, the jade capital, and also made Xiuyan a distribution center for jade carving products in the world

    (2) northeast Jade Trading Center

    Northeast jade trading center is located in the most prosperous section of Zhanqian Street East Road, Xiuyan County, Anshan, Liaoning. It covers an area of 11180 square meters, has a business area of 8800 square meters, has 1076 business households and 2000 employees, with an annual sales income of more than 100 million yuan, an annual profit of 15 million yuan, and an annual tax of 3 million yuan. Since its establishment in 1994, the Northeast Jade Trading Center has become a large-scale, high-quality, complete variety, reasonable price and beautiful environment gemstone market by increasing investment, strengthening management and strengthening service. Northeast jade trading center is an important trading center for Xiuyan Jade middle end products

    (3) lotus jade wholesale market

    Xiuyan lotus market is located in the northwest road of Xiuyan County. It was completed and put into use in November 1992 with a total investment of 2.8 million yuan. It is 117 meters long from east to west, 28.6 meters wide from North to south, with a market closed area of more than 3300 square meters and a floor building area of 564 square meters. There are more than 300 stalls in the lotus market. The operators mainly deal in various Xiuyan Jade products, including people, animals, flowers and birds, jewelry, health care supplies and miscellaneous pieces, mainly selling medium and small jade pieces. In addition, it is also engaged in Myanmar jade, Henan jade and Fuxin agate products, with a total of more than 180 varieties. It can receive thousands of customers every day, with an annual turnover of more than 60 million yuan. It is the first large-scale Jade Trading Center in Xiuyan and the highest cost-effective trading center

    (4) jade capital

    Xiuyan Jade capital was built in September 1993. It is located in the center of the county. It is 176 meters long from east to west and 44 meters wide from north to south. It is a closed building with a total construction area of 12000 square meters and a total investment of more than 13 million yuan. It was constructed in the same year and completed in the same year. The architectural style is simple and elegant, with pillars painted and beams carved. It is magnificent and integrates the classical architectural style with modern architectural art. It is equipped with east-west antique city gates and three-story buildings

    jade capital is a trading market for Xiuyan Jade products. It has more than 100 outlets and operates nearly 1000 middle and high-end varieties such as jade carving figures, flowers and birds, jewelry, ornaments and health care products. It gathers the essence of Xiuyan Jade carving crafts. Among them, it is dazzling and unforgettable. Every year, it attracts hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign merchants to visit and shop, with an annual turnover of more than 70 million yuan. It is known as the "first city in the world" of Xiuyan Jade Trade and an important trading center for Xiuyan Jade high-end products

    jade culture and Art Festival

    3. Base festival activities

    Xiuyan County has held the "Xiuyan Jade Culture and Art Festival" every year since 2010. The activities mainly include expert forums, selection of national jade Star Award for jade works, business negotiation and festival performances. It is the most influential gemstone festival in China, with a large number of participants, the richest content and the strongest academic atmosphere. During the festival, it has attracted dozens of exhibition groups from major gemstone bases at home and abroad, and more than 30 domestic and foreign media at all levels, with a turnover of more than 100 million yuan. It has become a shining business card of Xiuyan Jade industry

    4. Development advantages of the base

    (1) the local government vigorously supports the industrial development

    the local government of Xiuyan County has long strongly supported the development of Xiuyan Jade industry, and regarded the development of Xiuyan Jade industry as the top priority of Xiuyan County's economic development. It not only gives policy support in market cultivation and resource protection, but also specially establishes Anshan Gemstone Association to escort the production and sales of Xiuyan Jade industry. Driven by the government, it has successively held Xiuyan Jade Cultural Festival, jade Star Award selection and other large-scale Xiuyan Jade industry festivals, and has long-term cooperation with Yangzhou jade carving factory, the leader of China's jade carving industry, to cultivate Xiuyan carving talents and lay a foundation for improving the quality of Xiuyan products

    (2) strong industrial sustainable development ability

    as an important part of Chinese jade culture, Xiuyan Jade is the jade with the strongest sustainable development ability among Chinese traditional jade raw materials

    first of all, Xiuyan Jade has raw material advantages unmatched by other jade species, such as Hotan jade, Dushan jade and Myanmar jade. There is no shortage of raw materials in the short term

    secondly, as one of the raw materials of Chinese traditional jade carving, Xiuyan Jade can be competent for most of the themes and shapes of Chinese traditional jade carving, which is unmatched by other traditional raw materials and new jade species in recent years

    finally, Xiuyan Jade industry is developing vigorously. The age structure of talents is mainly young and middle-aged. There is a large space for technological progress and a large reserve of talents. Talent advantage is the core force to ensure the future development of Xiuyan Jade industry

    (3) obvious advantages in industrial base

    Anshan treasure Association organized Yangzhou to learn from teachers

    after nearly 30 years of market training after reform and opening up, the market of Xiuyan Jade industry has become mature and has a high reputation at home and abroad. It has a seat in the domestic gem jade market. Almost all major cities in the country have shops or counters for Xiuyan Jade products

    Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County is the largest distribution center of gems and jade products in Northeast China, radiating the entire Northeast Asian region. Driven by the "revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China" and the "12th National Games" held by Liaoning Province, the economy of Northeast China has developed rapidly, the living quality of residents has improved, the cultural consumption capacity of residents has increased, and the recognition of Xiuyan Jade products has steadily increased year by year

    with the steady development of Xiuyan Jade industry, supporting logistics, packaging and tourism industries are also booming. Xiuyan Jade industry has a low starting point and poor technological level for a long time, which has inspired Xiuyan Jade industry to vigorously introduce and learn the exquisite skills of domestic brother industries. At present, a large number of employees in Henan jade carving, Yangzhou jade carving, Dongyang wood carving and other industries have switched to Xiuyan Jade industry, injecting new vitality into Xiuyan Jade industry

    2012 jade star award winning work "meaning"

    III. outstanding problems encountered in development

    1. The laws and regulations on the sales and exploitation of raw materials are not perfect

    Xiuyan Jade raw materials are not restricted and restricted by special laws and regulations, and Xiuyan Jade is therefore disorderly and excessively exploited. In order to realize the legal management of Xiuyan Jade, the Xiuyan County Party committee and the county government formulated the first local regulation on the protection of Xiuyan Jade resources in 1999. However, there are many imperfections in this regulation. Among them, there are no detailed, specific and operable provisions on the protection and management of Xiuyu resources. As a result, many miners and processors can take advantage of the loopholes in the law, which to a great extent undermines the rational exploitation and effective protection of Xiuyu resources. Time has changed. With the change of the times, the construction of laws and regulations has not been further improved, which has restricted the development of Xiuyan Jade industry to a certain extent

    2. Single development mode

    at present, Xiuyan Jade has a relatively single development mode, mainly in the sales industry. It has very weak links with other local industries, especially the tourism industry, and the advantages of industrial clusters are not reflected

    the 2011 jade star award winning "infinite vitality"

    3. Insufficient cultural added value of products

    in recent years, although the cultural added value of Xiuyan Jade products has been rapidly increasing, this "soft power" can not achieve a qualitative leap overnight. Specifically, Xiuyan Jade works have a single theme, similar style and weak innovation ability. At present, it is still a long way from the domestic leading Yangzhou jade carving

    IV. development plan of Xiuyan Jade industry in the next 10 years

    1. Establish a unified market for precious jade raw materials

    at present, Xiuyan Jade raw materials have been mined in a limited amount and on the road of sustainable development, but there are no regulations and market rules on the sales channels of raw materials. In order to protect the precious Xiuyan Jade resources and realize their maximum value, the Xiuyan County Government plans to establish a unified Xiuyan Jade raw material trading market in the county within 10 years. The jade raw materials in the county will be sold in a unified manner, auctioned by bidding, fair and just, and the market competition order will be protected

    2. Enrich the development mode

    strengthen the cooperation between Xiuyan Jade industry and local tourism, focus on the construction of Yuhuang mountain tourism belt, and jointly develop Xiuyan Jade Market integrating treasure hunting, hot spring, agritainment and other urban leisure forms, so as to expand the potential consumer groups of Xiuyan Jade

    3. Support the development of large-scale enterprises

    promote the benign development of the market, eliminate small enterprises with high resource consumption and poor economic efficiency, and focus on supporting a number of large-scale enterprises. Xiuyan Jade carving master Industrial Park will be established to centralize the jade carving masters in the county, so as to facilitate the exchange of art and the growth of enterprise technology

    4. Enhance Xiuyan Jade's "soft power"

    establish Xiuyan Jade carving museum to excavate and protect Xiuyan Jade Culture. The scientific research project of Xiuyan Jade is specially established to discuss the important significance of Xiuyan Jade in aesthetics, history, archaeology and ethnology, compile Xiuyan Jade native textbooks, and put Xiuyan Jade advertisements in some well-known domestic media, so as to expand the popularity of Xiuyan Jade, spread Xiuyan Jade Culture and enrich Xiuyan Jade Cultural Heritage

    2012 jade star award winning work "night sleeping mountain temple"

    the road to the construction of China's jewelry and jade jewelry industry base

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