Points to pay attention to in Thailand

I will go to Thailand for a few days in the near future. There is about an hour's drive from Bangkok. I may still stay in Bangkok for two or three days.

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  1. Note on Thailand 1. Luggage: 1. The luggage carried by traveling must be light, suitcases, and bags to be strong and durable. Try to avoid valuable items; The width and high -level and high -level must not exceed 269 cm). You can place daily necessities, laundry, and fruit knife in the suitcase. 3. Portable luggage (long, wide, and high in total must not exceed 115 cm). Put the items to be used at any time. For example: self -provided medicine, camera, camera negatives, batteries, etc. Note: Passports, air tickets, cash, etc. Please be carried with you; 4. Provide free safe for guests from hotels from overseas hotels. Do not pay for valuables, certificates, and money; 5. When traveling, you may feel uncomfortable due to the dissatisfaction of the soil and water, so you should prepare some spare medicines. If you take certain types of medicines for a long time, such as: hypertension, heart disease, stomach disease, diabetes, etc., please bring full drugs and doctors in case; 6. Most models can be purchased locally, but the price is more than It is expensive, it is best to prepare enough film before departure. Regardless of whether it is used or not, it should be placed in a packet to prevent the airport safety inspection due to X -ray inspection. The number of entry -free products is: 1000 grams of sweet wine and spiritual wine, 50 cigars, 250 grams of smoke or 200 cigarettes, and 5 rolls of film or 3 volumes of movies. Passengers can purchase 1 bottle of wine (1 liter), 1 cigarette (200 paper), and other personal supplies (such as a camera, a camera, and jewelry jewelry carried by individuals) from duty -free stores. Second, climate and clothing: 1. Thailand belongs to tropical monsoon climate. It is summer and humidity. The average temperature of the year is 28 degrees Celsius and the temperature is high. The average temperature in April is 30 degrees Celsius, and December is 25 degrees Celsius.建议游客带上夏装即可,最好多带些吸汗力强的T恤,女士应带好护肤及防晒用品,防止日晒过度; 2、男式最好带上一套正装(如:长裤、 Shirts), used for formal occasions and visiting temples. When visiting the palace and the temple, she wore more solemn clothing. For example: Do not wear sandals, shorts, sleeveless tops, and cover your knees in length, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble when visiting. 3. Catering: 1. Our agency arranges dining. Breakfast is mostly self -service. Lunch and dinner are mainly Chinese. Standard meals in Thailand are seven cuisine and one soup. Singapore and Malaysia are six cuisines and one soup. For dietary taboos, we must notify our agency before the team set off in order to arrange proper arrangements; 3. When the hotel buffet breakfast, please select it in moderation. Do not prepare boiling water. If tourists drink boiling water, please bring your own water cup to the hotel and restaurant to ask for it, or bring your own electric cup; 5. In all hotels in Thailand, there are two bottles of free to drink mineral water for tourists to drink. The tour guide will point out in detail. If tourists drink other toll drinks, pay for themselves. Fourth, accommodation 1. Thailand ban gambling, even in the hotel room, you cannot play cards or play mahjong; 2. When tourists stay in the hotel, please do not wear pajamas and walk out of the room. Wear slippers; 3. Lone noise in the hotel to avoid affecting the rest of others; 4. There are usually no toothbrushes, toothpaste, and slippers in overseas hotels. Please bring tourists to bring the above items. Please consult the leader or tour guide to avoid unnecessary costs; 6. The hotel's phone is very expensive. It is recommended to buy the phone magnetic card by yourself and use it on public telephone. If you bring a mobile phone to the country, please learn about the relevant charges and use standards in advance to avoid delaying your contact with your family and friends; 7. When tourists leave the hotel out, please notify the leader in advance. V. Traffic: 1. Forbidden to use mobile phones, BP machines, and game consoles on the plane; 2. Please check the seat on the plane. If you need to adjust the seat, please change it on the basis of not affecting other passengers; 3. In the cabin in the cabin , Smoking on the tourist bus, some restaurants or public places, please obey instructions and respect the interests of others; 4. Thailand's urban transportation is crowded, major cities have various transportation tools. Long -distance buses are the main in cities. Transportation; 5. When you leave the hotel when you leave the hotel when you leave your leisure time, please notify the team leader and bring the hotel business card to use it when you get lost. It is recommended to accompany accompanied, it is best to have people who understand foreign languages. 6. Shopping: 1. Traveling in Thailand, there are many things worth buying, such as Thai silk, cotton products, black silver inlaid products, silver, bronze, ceramics, gold, leather, woodcarving, Thai dolls, tin wax utensils, jade and jade and jade Jewelry; 2. Thai currency is called baht, which can be exchanged at local tour guides. 1 yuan can be exchanged for about 4 baht. (For specific exchange rates, please refer to the local exchange rate). 7. Tip: 1. Tip of overseas tour guides and drivers are part of their income. Under the premise of good service, please pay for the driver's tour guide for a tip of RMB 30 a day; The leader communicates in time, asking tourists not to argue with local tour guides due to refusal to pay tips, so as not to delay your itinerary with other tourists.

  2. 1. There are only more than two people who travel freely by traffic, and it is very cost -effective to take a taxi. But be sure to pay attention to the watch. If you do n’t have a watch 100 %, you will be slaughtered. After all, you do n’t know the way. You do n’t know if you do n’t know a few circles. And be sure to strengthen your destination, do not hear the taxi driver to change the destination
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  3. There are more Chinese tourists to play in Thailand, and they are more rich, so Thai merchants often slaughter you, you need to bargain with them, don't be embarrassed
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