What is the secret of sex between men and women? Is safe period contraception reliable?

What are the sex skills of men and women? As sexual leaders, men can only give women earth-shattering sex by understanding their favorite sexual skills. ​Then what are the sex skills of men and women? Here are the Best Sex Dolls.

First, take stock of the tips on sex between men and women.​

1. Orthodox skills

This posture is known as evangelism in Western society. This is considered to be the most traditional and strictly religious position for formal sexual intercourse, while others are dismissed as an about-face. With the development of history, people's ideological understanding, cultural cultivation and social customs have undergone profound changes, and this is no longer the only "orthodox" position, but it is still the main sexual position advocated by numerous people. Some women feel that men's styles limit their movement, while others find the position more relaxed. Pressure on the female anterior breast and pubic mound produces tactile pleasure.

Two, anti-guest skills

The aim of female superiority is to give full play to women's subjective initiative in sex life and to control the process of sexual activity to a large extent. Especially for sexy and extraordinary women, those who are more excited may have an easier time satisfying them.

The female pose causes the uterus to descend. The vaginal opening widens, so that even men with short penises can give women intense stimulation. This style is usually not conducive to direct clitoral stimulation. When a woman's perineal opening is overly close to the back, or her body is too large and heavy, or when a woman is inexperienced, there are also some problems with a woman's style.

3. The tactful technique

Modify the face to face position slightly, such as the woman lying on the right and the husband lying between the woman's legs. This method is easy to master, but also extremely pleasant, because most of the weight of both parties is pressed on the bed, the load of each other is light, there is no fatigue, the movement of the pelvis of both parties in all directions is not easily restricted, especially for women, who can move freely, master the rhythm. It also helps men control ejaculation and use their hands to stimulate the breasts, pubic mound and clitoris. This method is especially excellent for pregnancy and avoids pressure on the fetus, so it's a totally reliable method.

4. Backplug technique

The way a man faces a woman's back. All mammals except humans use this posture. This is not the way human society normally works. Some authors believe that this would be a highly promising and promising position for sexual intercourse.

In addition to the pleasure of introducing a variant factor, this style favors direct stimulation of the clitoris by hand in most cases, and also causes a tighter touch and additional pressure on the urethral area. Post-use entry is also extremely desirable if both parties are obese. This also applies to pregnancy.

Women will understand misunderstand​

1. Safe period contraception

Safe period contraception, also known as the first seven after eight, refers to the seven days before a woman's period and the first eight days after her period. People also call it the first seven and the last eight. This is not the time when women are ovulating. It's a time when couples generally don't get pregnant, so people call it a safe period.

But the safety period is not entirely safe. Because some women ovulate irregularly. Even though some women normally ovulate regularly, their ovulation can lose its original regularity when their mood, life circumstances and physical condition alter considerably. Therefore, it is not safe to use contraception during the safe period for women.

2. Menopausal contraception

Some menopausal women think they are too tired to get pregnant any more, so they can avoid getting pregnant during menopause. This is not the case. Although postmenopausal women have menstrual disorders, they still have irregular ovulation. So menopausal women who don't use contraception can still get pregnant.

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