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  1. as of February 2020, the gold trading price of Laofengxiang was maintained at about 259 yuan, the jewelry price was 300 yuan, the investment gold bar price was more than 273 yuan, the recovery price was about 257 yuan, and the gold recovery of pawn shop was about 225 yuan

    gold recovery is not divided into brands and styles, because gold recovery is only aimed at the recovery of gold materials. Of course, the recycling methods can be broadly divided into gold brand recycling and gold store recycling, and there are certain restrictions on gold brand recycling

    this is because some brand jewelry stores are not allowed to carry out gold recovery business. Although each gold store has its own standard, most gold stores provide recovery business

    extended data:

    the purpose of gold recovery by consumers is to realize cash, while the purpose of gold recovery by recycling institutions and brands is to reuse gold

    Laofengxiang's gold recovery is determined according to the recovery price in the daily gold recovery market. The recovery price of gold is different for different brands and different qualities. Recently, the gold content of Laofengxiang recovered gold is more than 99.0%, and the gold price of thousand gold is about 260 yuan per gram

  2. Laofengxiang gold has different gold content and price according to different regions; At present, in Hangzhou, the price of Laofengxiang qianzujin plus the manual fee should be 280-320 grams

  3. According to the latest news today, the gold price today is 398.4 yuan / g. The price of gold is affected by multiple factors. Due to the recent international situation, the gold price fluctuates greatly. The gold price fluctuates in real time. The above gold price is for reference only. Please refer to the actual gold price

    generally speaking, the price of gold jewelry sold in gold shops is higher than that of gold raw materials, and Lao Fengxiang is no exception. Because the gold jewelry sold by the gold store also includes the cost of gold purification, the process cost of gold jewelry processing, and the operating cost of the major brand stores. The reason why gold jewelry is more expensive than gold raw materials is the cost and premium of the brand. In gold shops like Laofengxiang, the price of gold jewelry is generally about 100 yuan per gram higher than the price of gold raw materials. However, the price of jewelry with different processes may vary slightly. Please refer to the actual price provided by the shop for details. The above prices are for reference only

    in addition, the price of gold recovery is generally lower than the price of gold raw materials. The specific recovery price is determined by each recycler. The processing fee and premium cost of gold jewelry will not be calculated during gold recovery. Hope to adopt it

  4. Gold is the same price, but the difference is the processing fee of the shop. Some stores are high and some are low. However, we can know that the current price of gold is about 395 yuan per gram
    extended reading: Lao Fengxiang, a listed company and one of China's top 500 enterprises, is a century old national brand and a famous jewelry brand in China. Shanghai Laofengxiang Co., Ltd. comes from the development of Laofengxiang silver building, which was founded in 1848. The creativity of its trademark "Laofengxiang" also comes from the name of Laofengxiang silver building. It is a classic jewelry brand spanning three centuries in China.

  5. Not necessarily. It depends on the place and the promotion activities of the shopping mall. A few days ago, I asked several local Laofengxiang about the price. There was a difference between 306 per gram and 316 per gram.

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