3 thoughts on “Is gold jewelry now generally gold or thousands of gold”

  1. The difference between a thousand pieces of gold and a thousand pieces of gold:

    a thousand pieces of gold with a gold content of not less than 999 is called a thousand pieces of gold, which is the highest value in the naming of jewelry fineness. The mark is thousand gold, 999 gold, gold999 or g999

    full Gold: it is called full gold if the gold content is not less than 990. The stamp is "full gold", "990 gold", "gold990" or "G990"

    before purchasing gold jewelry, you should first recognize the quality inspection marks of gold jewelry. Most of the gold jewelry sold in the market are equipped with inspection marks of quality inspection institutions, which clearly indicate the gold content and weight of the jewelry. 999 gold is also called thousand gold, and the gold content is not less than 999 ‰; 990 gold is called full gold, and the gold content is not less than 990 ‰; The gold content of 22K gold shall not be lower than 916 ‰; The gold content of 18K gold shall not be less than 750 ‰; The gold content of 14K gold shall not be less than 585 ‰; The gold content of 9K GOLD is not less than 375 ‰

    the colors of 18K gold jewelry include yellow, white and red. White 18 K gold is an alloy of gold and elements such as nickel, zinc, silver and copper. White K gold jewelry is not a platinum (Platinum) product

    the marks of gold jewelry include manufacturer code, material and purity, such as X gold 990, xau990, X full gold, etc. Where, the letter X is the manufacturer code. When jewelry is made of precious metals with different materials or purity, the materials and purity should be expressed separately. When the jewelry cannot be printed due to reasons such as too fine or too small, it should be attached with a logo containing the imprint content.

  2. After the new standard came into effect, it has no longer been called a "thousand gold". That is to say, what used to be a thousand dollar gold can only be called a full dollar gold now. Therefore, when you buy gold in the future, you should pay attention to distinguish the gold content of full gold. For example, 999, 950, 916 and so on are called full gold, but the prices are different. Hope to help you.

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