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  1. 1. Use soft metal shreds or rubber puree to make the shape of flowers or characters, and then fix it on the colorful hard card paper, and then with the text, I believe that the teacher will definitely be moved after reading it.
    2. Children are rich in imagination. All tools can be painted, including their own hands and feet. You can dip it in different colors with your own fingers. The child's own labels are unique and unique.
    3, children who like paper -cutting or carving, you can draw a pattern or text in a pen first, and then engraved it with a pen. Write all the things you want to say to the teacher, it must be very special.
    4, the little girl likes flowers, it is a pity that the flowers are thrown. It can be made into dry flowers, and the dried flowers can also make a greeting card.
    5. The buttons of different colors of the home can also be painted, and they sew them one by one on the cardboard to form a picture. How beautiful and environmentally friendly. patience.
    6. In addition, children who like handmade must have many colors of paper at home, roll the paper strips of various colors into different shapes, and then cut it. The flowers are made, beautiful.

  2. In the years when the cold windows are studying hard, in addition to my parents, my most respectful and grateful person is Mr. Chen, the class teacher of the primary school, and helps me grow up greatly and benefits a lot.

    The head teacher teacher in elementary school, took care of me very well. At that time, the conditions were not good. I went to school to go to school by myself. Nutrition.

    This is also very concerned about my academic performance. Urges me to study hard and let me play a good foundation.

    The teacher's house is not far from my house, and it is over a mountain. At that time, I did not like to play with my peers, but I was very close to the teacher of the class. (Most of the time, I want to eat the meals of the teacher's house ~~ Haha, think about it now, I still miss it very much).

    Is to go to the county seat to study junior high school and high school, and there are fewer opportunities to go to the teacher's house, but the teacher is still very concerned about my learning. In high school in high school, I will encourage me.

    graduated from college, came out to work outside, and slowly returned home. The teacher also retired. When you go home to visit the teacher every year The most sent is the agricultural products, books and tea at home.
    The teacher likes to read a book after retirement. When you read some good books, you can't help but buy a book to share with the teacher. He often communicates his views together and debates with each other. Essence

    This is far ~ Every time I talk about these, I can't help sharing a lot of words ~ haha.
    The words are home, Teacher's Day is coming, and you want to prepare a small gift for your beloved teacher, but do not know what to pick?

    The read this article is right ~

    The products that have been bought or experienced by themselves, suitable for sending teachers to help everyone say goodbye to choice difficulties.

    . Selection rules

    Budget: Gift to the teacher, the gift is important. Students have no economic income. It is not recommended to send too valuable gifts.

    Age, gender: Sending a male teacher with a gift from a female teacher. The choice is different. For example, it is suitable for sending male teachers: tea, insulation cups, pens, etc. Notebooks, ornaments, and perfumes are very suitable.

    I young teachers can give more trendy and technological gifts. They are older than 40 or more, and it is more suitable for sending practical gifts.

    Packaging: Gift gifts must be a beautiful gift packaging. If the gift you buy is not well packaged, it is recommended to make one by yourself.

    200 gifts are suitable for junior high school and high school teachers.

    200 or more suitable for college teachers and mentors.

  3. It is very easy to do small gifts. You can choose to pay attention to some handicraft works. These works can be learned step by step in the teaching of Baidu video. It can be done. It can not be spent, and can express a greeting card for students' respect for teachers. Write the blessings to teachers on the greeting card.

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