HDPE water supply pipe

HDPE pipeline melting point is about 130℃, the relative density is 0.941~0.960. It has excellent heat and cold resistance, excellent chemical stability, but also has strong rigidity and toughness, excellent mechanical strength. Dielectric properties, environmental stress cracking resistance is also excellent.

HDPE pipe characteristics,Below and HDPE pipe manufacturers together to understand the next.

1, long service life: under normal conditions, life up to 50 years.

2. ​Excellent hygiene: PE pipe is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metal additives, does not scale, does not breed bacteria, to solve the problem of drinking water secondary pollution. Comply with GB/T17219 safety evaluation standards and relevant health safety evaluation regulations of the Ministry of Health.

3, corrosion resistance to a variety of chemical media: no electrochemical corrosion.

4, the inner wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is extremely low, the passing capacity of the medium is improved correspondingly and has excellent wear resistance.

5, excellent flexibility, high impact strength, strong shock resistance, distortion.

6. Light weight, convenient transportation and installation.

7, the unique electric fusion connection and hot fusion butt, hot fusion socket connection technology makes the interface strength elevated and the pipe body, to ensure the safety and reliability of the interface.

8. The welding process is simple, the construction is convenient, and the comprehensive project cost is low.

9. PE environmental health water supply pipe dn20~dn90 is blue, dn110 above is blue or black with blue line, additional colors need to be customized, accessories color and pipe color should be relative.

10. Low flow resistance: HDPE pipeline has a smooth inner surface, and its Manning coefficient is 0.009. The smooth performance and non-adhesion characteristics ensure that the HDPE pipe has a higher conveying capacity than traditional pipe, while reducing the pipeline pressure loss and water consumption.

HDPE pipe connection method

It is possible to obtain a reliable and firm connection with the inner surface close to the original pipe (there is a tiny fused convex ring at the joint) by using a more convenient hot melt docking and socket method, or to connect the polyethylene pipe with a special electric melt pipe fitting. For tiny caliber pipe can also adopt the compressed type connection produced by our company, the connection is convenient and reliable (such a product is a patent technology introduced by our company, which is widely used in numerous water companies in one surface engineering). The fused joint of polyethylene pipe can withstand axial load without leakage and detachment.​

HDPE pipeline application field:

1. Urban water supply;

​natural gas and gas transmission pipelines;

3. ​food and chemical industry;

4 Ore and mud transport;

5 Replace cement, cast iron and steel pipes;

6 Replace the cement pipe drainage

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