How to whitewash the wall with paint


Three ways to paint a wall white:

1, the use of paint mixing color to follow the principle of subtractive method for wall painting. The three primary colors are yellow, green, purple, their complementary colors are blue, red, green. The so-called complementary color means that two kinds of light are mixed in a certain proportion to get the white color. The complementary color of red is cyan, the complementary color of yellow is blue, and the complementary color of green is purple.

The results of subtractive mixing are summarized as follows:

Yellow = white - blue

Purple = white - green

Cyan = white - red

​can be used to match yellow, blue, purple, green, green, white can be adjusted. During color mixing, the main color is added first, and then the color with strong coloring power is used as the auxiliary color. The color change should be observed at any time, and the sample should be rubbed, brushed, sprayed or stained on the clean sample. After the color is stable, the color should be compared with the original sample.

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2, the second way is by brushing putty, primer and finishing paint. Brush FIRST BE BORED WITH CHILD TWICE, BRUSH PRIMER AGAIN, FACE PAINT TWICE, WANT THE COATING THAT IS WHITE ONLY TO BE ABLE TO BRUSH WHITE. Spray paint is better than paint, but very expensive paint, damage is not easy to repair.

3, the third way is to choose good quality paint, brush in the process must brush uniform.

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