wholesale statement jewelry vendors Why do some small golden beads do not change?

wholesale statement jewelry vendors

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  1. cz jewelry wholesale from china Because the hard golden beads are not deforming. 1 gram of hard golden beads, if it is the weight of a single bead, it is okay. And hard gold beads are hard gold technology, as long as it is worn normally, it is not easy to deform. But if it is hit by violent external force or encountering hard objects, it will also be deformed.
    How to maintain hard gold jewelry
    1, 3D hard gold hardness is much higher than that of traditional gold, but in the case of external force impact, heavy object squeezing, and bite, there will be concave pits, damaged and cannot be repaired. Be sure to avoid squeezing.
    2. During the outdoor sports, due to the rapid and large operating, it is easy to accidentally cause damage to the product. This situation is not easy to notice. Because most of the damage of most hard gold products cannot be repaired. Please don't wear any accessories.
    3, whether the disinfectant of perfume, hair glue, strong oxidation, non -neutral cleaning supplies contain substances that may be corrosive, oxidized, and chemically react with gold In the case, please don't wear any accessories.
    4. Whether it is a hard gold product or other jewelry, the surface will be worn on the surface for a long time, and the friction with foreign objects should be reduced as much as possible.
    5, 3D hard gold, although overcoming the problem of gold hardness, at the same time, it also has irresistible characteristics. If the hard gold jewelry is broken or damaged for some reasons, it is difficult to repair it, so it is in this way, so it is in this way. In the process of wearing hard gold jewelry, it is best to pay attention not to collide with sharp objects to avoid damage to the hard gold surface.
    6, although the hardness of hard gold has increased a lot, its original color has not changed. Therefore, 3D hard gold is different from 18K gold. It can be used for maintenance of hard gold jewelry.
    7, 3D hard gold, while breaking the manufacturing of traditional crafts, not only improves its hardness, and is not easy to wear, but also ensures that its original color is unchanged, ensuring that each product is more than gold. Therefore, while the product is dirty, you can use the general cleaning of gold to clean it.

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