wholesale gold jewelry online What is good to sell stalls during the Chinese New Year

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  1. wholesale gold jewelry in new york city Answer Hello, I am very happy to answer for younCandy, dry goods, rice cakes, etc. are very good choices. In the New Year, people will have a lot of rest time. In the free time, people like to eat snacks, so the demand in this area is very large, but the price of these things will be slightly more expensive to other small projects, and you also need you to from your relatives Find two helpers beside friends to help you run.nFireworks cannon, falling artillery, rubbing cannon, fragrant candle, couplet, etc. This project now seems to be a risk project. Why do you say that? Since the past two years, the state said that it is necessary to reduce the amount of the New Year's dazzling firecrackers. This business will obviously be much smaller in the market, but it is very feasible to sell these stalls in the rally of many small counties and towns. There are some people, or more business people who do business, will go to many places such as temple fairs. If you sell some incense in these places, it can be said that he can gain a lot.nSmall decorations. What is the most important thing in the Spring Festival, good-looking, red envelopes, then we can find business opportunities according to these needs, what do you need to look good-packaging. We can pick some cheap gift packaging, the kind of festive personalized packaging, such as red envelopes with money, kiss bags, and so on. They are all small projects. Small gifts for friends or children. The Spring Festival is a friend's party, and the time for relatives. Some good friends have not seen it for a long time. It is not appropriate to give money to the New Year, so it is best to prepare a small gift, and you can save money for ourselves. It is a good choice that can be given to a small gift that can give away and not lose face.nMore 2nBleak

  2. wholesale jewelry boxes with cotton 1. Where are you, you have to come according to local culture and customs.

    For example, you can sell flowers, and you can fish for the New Year, because people here have the custom of buying flowers and orange trees, and you have to buy two pots. So you have to think about the customs in your place.

    2, considering popular products, such as New Year's goods: couplets, blessings, red envelopes, lanterns, toys, etc. But do you think no one is sold except you? Why do you fight with those old shops? You have to think about the differences between you and their products, the advantages of the price, of course, and the location and time of your stalls. I think it is necessary to do a crowded survey.

    3. Consider potential consumer goods. What are the lack of local goods, or inadequate categories, or even some artifacts, but it is indeed worth consumption. For example, people love to buy fruits in winter, those fruits -cutting artifacts, this natal year set, the New Year's gadgets, aromatherapy lamps, lanes, or something or something on the trailer ...

    4, although it is just a stall, you can do nothing casually Buy something, but don't underestimate the work of the ground. Think with normal business models, consider from your customer base, product positioning, location, and goods. You may also make a lot of money through the New Year.

    Finally, although the shot of the floor is a small sale, don't underestimate the income brought by the shot on holidays. There is no thing in the world that falls into the sky. If you want to make money, you can only make money.

    In come on! There are still 2 months before the New Year

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