1 thought on “What is a loan high -risk customer?”

  1. Loans with high -risk customers, as the name suggests, is a type of crowd with poor credit records and high loan risks. Generally, the personnel of the following features will be included in the high -risk customers of loans:
    1. People who have been included in a bad credit record system by the People's Bank of China;
    2. People with invalid banking in banks after overdue and high debt ratios;
    3. People who cash out through improper means;
    4. People who have poor loan repayment or have no ability to repay the loan;
    5. Provide guarantees for others, but those who are not liabilized by the guarantor cannot be repaid.
    Some banks will also include some personnel into the category of high -risk customers of loans according to occupations. They must engage in persons with high -risk industries, coal mining, or applying for major diseases, because the career danger or physical disease will question their ability to repay insufficient repayment, and there is also some. It may be identified as a high risk, but as far as the specific situation is, it is not fixed.
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