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  1. Introduction: With the continuous development of technology, e -commerce has gradually formed a model. Software technology also quietly took the lead in science and technology. Because of the popularity of computers, many people have gradually become a part of life in front of computers. Software technology can use people's psychology and targeted programming development, and this industry will be successful.

    The procedures for registered software technology companies will be puzzled, so our company provides knowledge in this area for reference only.

    1. Registered capital

    (1) The minimum Shanghai company registered capital of one person Co., Ltd. is 100,000 yuan, and the registered capital must be contributed at one time.
    (2) The minimum registered capital of a company with a registered company with or above is 30,000 yuan. (No less than 30,000 yuan), the rest are in place within 2 years.

    2. Name reference

    First of all, the name of the company in the same industry is not allowed to be repeated. Industry characteristics) Enterprise Types ", for example, Shanghai (region) Eu Cai (Font) Software Technology (Industry) Co., Ltd. (Enterprise Type). If the name needs to be "China", it must be approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China. Name standards such as Shanghai XX Software Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai XX Software Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai XX Software Technology Co., Ltd..

    3. Operation scope

    (1) Main business scope of software companies: technical development and technical services in the field of computers and electronics, computer network engineering, computer software and hardware Development, technical development and technical services in the field of information technology, the development of automated software and hardware of communication systems, communication network engineering, sales, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of communication system equipment.
    (2), optional business scope: sales of electronic products, bedding, cosmetics, toys, crafts, food and other products.

    4, software technology registration procedure

    C telephone consultation/online consultation-> Signing agreement-> Customer preparation materials-> corporate name query and approve Capital verification households-> handle business license-> Organization code registration-> tax registration-> open basic accounts.

    Note: If you have any questions, you can consult the company by phone. The company will answer your questions one by one.

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